Description Edit

The Hornet is a long-range submachine gun created by Cerberus. It is standard equipment for Cerberus troops, who are trained to handle the recoil from the gun's three-round bursts. Cerberus designed the Hornet to conserve ammunition and provide cover-fire during prolonged conflicts.

Acquisition Edit

The M-25 Hornet can be found during the mission Priority: The Citadel II, on the body of a C-Sec officer; after exiting the elevator, proceed down the hall to the second flickering light. It is also purchasable from Batarian State Arms after the preceding mission, Priority: Tuchanka.

Player Notes Edit

  • The Hornet has three key strengths. First is its outstanding damage rate, which comes from a combination of high damage per shot, very high rate of fire, short burst refire time, and very quick reload. The only other SMG which can exceed the Hornet's damage rate is the N7 Hurricane. Second is the Hornet's ability to be effective at any range, which depends on the player's ability to handle recoil. Third is the fact that like any SMG, the Hornet can have very low weight with SMG Ultralight Materials, which results in one of the most potent weapons being practically weightless.
  • Following the in-game description of a "long-range" gun which needs specifically trained people to handle it, the Hornet is extremely accurate, but has a very high amount of recoil.
  • When on the run and at close range, you are far better off firing the Hornet from the hip than aiming down the sights; the recoil will be far less noticeable.
  • With the SMG Ultralight Materials mod and a SMG High Caliber Barrel or SMG High-Velocity Barrel, this SMG can be an excellent primary weapon for a power-focused class.