Description Edit

The Incisor is a sniper rifle designed to overload active defenses. Firing three rounds with each pull of the trigger, the Incisor was initially advertised as having negligible recoil, although under real combat conditions the second and third rounds frequently climb in difficulty. The noise of the burst is comparable to a single rifle shot in duration, making it no easier to locate the sniper by sound.

Acquisition Edit

Weapons are randomly rewarded through purchases of item packs. The M-29 Incisor is categorized as uncommon.

Player Notes Edit

  • The M-29 is less effective in the hands of all forms of Infiltrator class in Multiplayer, as damage produced (even when using with Tactical Cloak) is considerably low in comparison to the other sniper rifles. However, Turian Soldiers and Human Soldiers will be able to use the Incisor better due to their powers.
  • The recoil that it produces cannot be compensated for using Weapon Mods. Consumable equipment and placing points in the Turian Veteran power can assist in keeping the Incisor on target throughout the burst. Firing from cover is highly recommended.
  • In multiplayer, the Incisor has a considerable lack of damage per bullet, meaning that even with Armor-Piercing equipment and mods, it will require a large amount of shots to finish armored targets. If used, it is best used against light infantry, where it excels due to its 3-round burst fire-mode bypassing the Shield Gate, where players with slower sniper rifles would be forced to take another shot, use powers, switch weapons, or leave the target for a teammate to finish.
  • Always aim at the enemy chest or stomach before firing. The recoil ensures that the third round will hit the head.
  • The Incisor's low damage and limited effectiveness per magazine causes it to function badly as a sniper rifle; however, it functions well as a long-range support weapon, giving a barrage of fire to soften up distant targets for teammates in their vicinity. Depending on the player's ability to handle recoil, the Incisor can be a good crowd-control weapon.
  • Recent updates to the multiplayer has increased the base damage of the Incisor as well as reducing its weight, making it tied to the M-97 Viper as the lightest sniper rifle in the game until June 21 where another update has lightened the Viper even further.
  • If the player doesn't have the M-90 Indra, the Incisor is the closest thing to an automatic long-range sniper rifle. Although M-13 Raptor has better Damage Per Second (DPS) and generally better performance, its low-power scope and the slight bullet travel time may work against it at long-range combat. Also, the Incisor is significantly lighter than the Raptor, which makes it appealing to power-dependent classes.
  • The Incisor has interesting synergy with a Geth Infiltrator. With the increased fire rate offered by a Hunter Mode evolution, it is possible to reliably squeeze in two bursts followed by a Proximity Mine into a single use of Tactical Cloak.
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