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The M-5 Phalanx is a heavy pistol in Mass Effect 2, Mass Effect 3, and pistol in Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Mass Effect 2[]


Highly accurate and lethal sidearm. Effective against armor; weak against shields and biotic barriers. Upgrades the Predator heavy pistol.

The M5 Phalanx is the product of the Alliance's Offensive Handgun Project that developed a close-in weapon to be used on armored or shielded targets with no loss of stopping power in comparison to the soldier's assault rifle. The Phalanx enjoys a ballistics advantage even over most "hand cannons" and features an integral laser sight which is highly visible even in bright lighting conditions. Civilian variants are often purchased by colonists on planets that have particularly dangerous big game animals.


Available through purchase of the Firepower Pack DLC.

In the Legendary Edition, it may be purchased from Ratch's Wares on Tuchanka.

Squad Use[]

This weapon can be used by Jack, Jacob, Miranda, Mordin, Tali, Kasumi, Liara and Wilson.

E-Mail from the Illusive Man[]

Phalanx Heavy Pistol


EDI informed me that Jacob recently acquired some M5 Phalanx pistols from some friends who shall remain unnamed. I appreciate this resourcefulness, but had he come to me, I would have made the arrangements. We've discussed this, and to show there are no hard feelings, I've had a few more complimentary Phalanxes, replacement parts for their laser sights, and their repair manuals delivered to the Normandy. Use them how you will.

Player Notes[]

  • Laser sight: The laser sight only appears when aiming the weapon with the left trigger or right mouse button.
    • It sometimes does not appear immediately when aiming at very distant targets, but it's possible to get around this by pointing it at something close by to activate the laser, then keeping it on to aim at a distant target.
    • The laser sight isn't just a "guide" for the player – it actually makes the Phalanx 100% accurate when used, similar to a sniper rifle scope. The bullet will follow the sight and land on the spot painted by the laser without any deflection or random error; if fired without the laser sight active then the weapon loses that accuracy and bullets have a spread just like most other weapons.
    • Adverse lighting conditions can make the beam difficult to see.
    • The sway of the laser sight is extreme when moving, making it best to fire while stationary.
  • The M-5's standout features are its high damage per shot and pinpoint accuracy even at the longest ranges while the laser sight is on, making it a substitute for sniper rifles for classes that lack one. The laser sight makes it easy to place headshots on stationary targets at any range.
  • The Phalanx is not capable of fully automatic fire and will only discharge one shot per trigger pull.
  • Armor Piercing Ammo or Incendiary Ammo further augment the M-5's high damage to armor. When upgraded and with enough damage modifiers, the Phalanx can deal enough damage from a single shot to completely strip the armor from light opponents like Husks, even without needing a critical hit or headshot.
  • Squadmates do not fire this weapon as often as they fire the Carnifex making the Carnifex a better option for them. They also do not suffer from the Carnifex's lower ammunition reserve.

Mass Effect 3[]


The M-5 Phalanx is the product of the Alliance's Offensive Handgun Project, a close-in weapon to be used with no loss of stopping power in comparison with a soldier's assault rifle. The Phalanx enjoys a ballistics advantage over most heavy pistols. Civilian variants are often purchased by colonists on planets that have particularly dangerous big-game animals.



The M-5 Phalanx is found during the mission Priority: Tuchanka at the top of a long set of stairs right before you head into the Maw Hammers. It is also purchasable from Kassa Fabrication post-mission if it was missed.


Weapons are randomly rewarded through purchases of item packs. The M-5 Phalanx is categorized as uncommon and requires no multiplayer expansion packs.

Player Notes[]

  • Unlike the Phalanx in Mass Effect 2, the version available in Mass Effect 3 is not equipped with a laser sight and has only moderate accuracy. It features a much higher rate of fire, and has twice the magazine capacity. The Phalanx also now does less damage than the M-6 Carnifex.
  • The Phalanx does double the damage per round of the M-3 Predator, but it only has half the rate of fire; thus, they have almost the same damage-per-second (DPS). However, it's much easier to reach that DPS with the Phalanx from a mechanical perspective (less button pressing required).
  • The Phalanx is a balanced weapon with no truly standout features; it can be a decent sidearm for players who want to use their powers frequently due to its light weight. The Pistol Piercing Mod can be used to make it effective for killing Guardians.

Mass Effect: Andromeda[]


In the Milky Way, the M-5 Phalanx was the product of the Alliance's Offensive Handgun Project. It is an accurate, close-quarters weapon with minimal recoil and solid stopping power. The versions purchased by the Andromeda Initiative were intended for civilian use, but are modified for more robust applications.


The multiplayer Phalanx gained a single damage improvement adjustment post-launch.



Rank Damage Rate of Fire Max Clip Size Max Ammo Accuracy Weight
I 86 260 12 84 52 10
II 92 260 12 86 56 9
III 98 260 12 89 58 9
IV 104 260 12 91 60 8
V 110 260 12 93 61 8
VI 116 260 12 96 62 7
VII 122 260 12 98 63 7
VIII 129 260 12 100 64 6
IX 135 260 12 103 64 6
X 141 260 12 105 65 5

Rank Damage Rate of Fire Max Clip Size Max Ammo Accuracy Weight
I 113 260 12 84 52 10
II 116 260 12 86 56 9
III 119 260 12 89 58 9
IV 123 260 12 91 60 8
V 126 260 12 93 61 8
VI 129 260 12 96 62 7
VII 132 260 12 98 63 7
VIII 136 260 12 100 64 6
IX 139 260 12 103 64 6
X 142 260 12 105 65 5


Rank Rd icon milkyway orange Blueprint Unlocked Omni-gel canister icon Omni-Gel Canister Iron icon Iron Cadmium icon Cadmium Element zero icon Element Zero MEA Augmentation Slot For Tables Augmentation Slots
I Level 1 20 80 40 10 0
II Level 6 20 90 40 10 2
III Level 11 20 100 50 10 2
IV Level 21 30 110 50 10 2
V Level 31 30 130 60 20 2
VI Level 41 30 140 70 20 2
VII Level 51 30 145 70 20 2
VIII Level 61 40 150 70 20 2
IX Level 71 40 155 70 20 2
X Level 81 40 160 80 20 2
Total N/A 300 1260 600 160 N/A


  • A phalanx is a tactical formation in which spear- or pike-men form into a rectangle, marching in close formation, with the front ranks interlocking their shields and the rear ranks wielding their weapons over the shields of those in front, allowing more soldiers to be engaged in combat while simultaneously discouraging attacks against the formation, especially by cavalry. The phalanx was most famously employed by the Macedonian armies of Alexander the Great.
  • BioWare developer Christina Norman nicknames the Phalanx the "dismantler," citing its extreme power and accuracy that allows the player to shoot the legs off every mech in one shot if they choose.[1]
  • The laser sight on the Phalanx was designed to be both a benefit and a negative compared to a crosshair. While shots fired will hit exactly where the laser dot is aimed, it is more difficult to place the laser dot in the desired location when compared with a crosshair because the beam sways.[1]
  • The Phalanx does not "collapse" like other weapons do in Mass Effect 2 when unused. This is most visible on squadmates who can use pistols but not SMGs.
  • The N7 Eagle is a variant on the Phalanx.
  • In Mass Effect 3, Thane is armed with a Phalanx if he shows up to fight Kai Leng.


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