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Disambiguous This article is about the assault rifle in Mass Effect 3. For the assault rifle in Mass Effect, see Hahne-Kedar.

The M-7 Lancer is an assault rifle in Mass Effect 3.


The M7-Lancer [sic] is a rare collector's item that was introduced shortly after the First Contact War. The Lancer has been refurbished by an unknown master weaponsmith, and it now uses the higher velocity rounds of today's weaponry. It does not need heat sinks, instead utilizing weapon heat-generation from an earlier era. Few of these finely crafted weapons are in existence.



With Mass Effect 3: Citadel or Legendary Edition, the M-7 Lancer can be obtained during the mission Citadel Archives: Escape. It is found in a display case on the capsule containing information on the First Contact War.


Weapons are randomly rewarded through purchases of item packs. The M-7 Lancer is categorized as ultra-rare and requires Mass Effect 3: Reckoning.

Player Notes[]

  • The Lancer does not use thermal clips but instead uses a self-cooling system similar to the Particle Rifle. It has a finite magazine size but an unlimited ammo reserve that regenerates, making reloading or picking up thermal clips unnecessary. However, the weapon will overheat if the magazine is fully emptied and must go through a lengthy, uninterruptible heat venting animation before ammo begins to recharge again.
    • The Lancer gains extra magazine capacity as it levels, from a base thermal clip size of 38 at level 1 to 57 at level 10.
    • An Assault Rifle Magazine Upgrade can provide up to 80% more capacity, giving the Lancer greater sustained fire before overheating the weapon. At level 10, the Lancer can have a 102 round magazine with the level 5 magazine mod.
  • Aside from the self-cooling feature, the Lancer is essentially an M-8 Avenger with greater damage and recoil.
    • The Lancer does excellent damage for its low weight. It won't deal as much damage as the much heavier Cerberus Harrier and it lacks the Harrier's accuracy, but the Harrier's weakness, low ammo capacity, is the Lancer's strength, having essentially unlimited ammo.
    • The Particle Rifle has more damage potential than the Lancer but must be fired in long, uninterrupted bursts to reach that potential; it is also considerably heavier.
    • The Assault Rifle Stability Damper mod can help bring down the muzzle climb, but a skilled player can easily compensate for this manually. Firing from cover can improve both accuracy and stability.
  • A power-reliant build pairs well with the Lancer, as the weapon's light weight keeps recharge times low, and the weapon recharges automatically while offensive powers are being used.

  • The Lancer weighs more in multiplayer, being closer to the Phaeston than the Avenger.
  • Like all self-cooling weapons, the Lancer can be especially effective on Platinum difficulty due to the ammo scarcity. Armor-Piercing Rounds, the magazine upgrade, and the Assault Rifle Extended Barrel turns the Lancer into a powerful general combat weapon with endlessly sustainable fire.
  • The unending ammo supply makes it a great weapon for the Geth Juggernaut Soldier, who can use it alternately with Siege Pulses and/or Heavy Melee and avoid having to walk slowly to an ammo box.


  • The M-7 Lancer is based upon the Lancer line of assault rifles made by Hahne-Kedar in Mass Effect as a callback to the cooldown-based weapons of the first game.[1]