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The M-90 Indra is a sniper rifle in Mass Effect 3 and Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Mass Effect 3[]


The Indra's low-powered scope leaves it most effective at medium range, but many soldiers believe this limitation is offset by the gun's rapid rate of fire. The Indra is the first military-grade, fully automatic sniper rifle. It has an extremely efficient heat-sink system that allows a surprisingly large number of shots to be fired before the weapon ejects its thermal clip.



The M-90 Indra is available on PC by obtaining a redeemable code from a promotional giveaway by Alienware.[1] An e-mail from Liara T'Soni appears if the weapon was obtained in this fashion.

A New Sniper Rifle

From: Liara T'Soni

Shepard: A few weeks ago, I found an interesting schematic for a fully automatic sniper rifle called the Indra. The set I commissioned has been delivered to the Normandy. You can find the rifle in the weapons lockers. The Indra will do far more good in your hands than it would sitting in a warehouse.


It is also available for all platforms by downloading the Mass Effect 3: Firefight Pack.

In Legendary Edition it is available from the Kassa Fabrication terminal in the Presidium Commons for a base amount of 10,000 credits.


Weapons are randomly rewarded through purchases of item packs. The M-90 Indra is categorized as ultra-rare and requires no multiplayer expansion packs.

Player Notes[]

  • The Indra is the only fully-automatic sniper rifle in the game. It plays much like an assault rifle except with a built-in scope that must be used to avoid the usual sniper rifle hip-firing damage penalty. It is very accurate and has low recoil even while scoped.
  • The Indra has very low damage-per-shot for its class. This makes it nearly impossible to get one-shot kills, which is one of the key advantages of many sniper rifles. On the other hand, low damage means that the Indra can be used against any enemy without being overkill. It is also less punished by the shield-gate mechanic, especially on higher difficulties.
  • The Indra does not have damage potential as high as some of the other top-tier automatic weapons like the Cerberus Harrier or the N7 Hurricane, but it weighs much less than the former and is much more stable and accurate for distance shooting than the latter.
  • The Indra is very similar to the M-13 Raptor in most respects, with the same weight and roughly the same damage potential. Using one over the other generally comes down to availability or personal preference, though there are a few differences:
    • The Indra's automatic fire may be more attractive to players who don't want to be constantly pulling the trigger to maximize firing rate; it also makes the weapon more usable in tandem with Marksman.
    • The Indra carries more thermal clips, having the largest spare capacity of any sniper rifle at 180 rounds at base level without upgrades from outside sources.
    • The Raptor fires slightly slower but deals more damage per bullet.
    • The Indra can exceed the Raptor's damage rate over several reload cycles, but only when comparing the weapons at levels approaching 10.
  • Although the bullet impacts may look like explosions, this weapon has no area of effect damage.

  • Legendary Edition: The Indra is significantly heavier than equivalent levels of the weapon in the latest patch of the original version of Mass Effect 3.
  • Like the M-13 Raptor, the Indra is a very lightweight option for seeing through smoke screens with the Sniper Rifle Enhanced Scope, making it handy for any class but especially players that want to keep their power recharge times low.
  • The Indra is a poor choice for squadmates as they don't take advantage of its full rate of fire.


Mass Effect: Andromeda[]


An automatic sniper rifle with a rapid fire-rate and a large capacity to compensate for its limited scope. The Indra was still in an early design phase when the Andromeda Initiative acquired its schematics. Initiative engineers completed the design and manufactured a number of functional prototypes.


The multiplayer Indra gained improvements on damage, rate of fire, and max ammo as of the very last update. Post-launch its damage has been raised and lowered frequently until its final form shown. The large camera shake at first shot has also been eliminated.



Rank Damage Rate of Fire Max Clip Size Max Ammo Accuracy Weight
I 48 500 25 175 61 45
II 51 500 25 180 66 43
III 54 500 25 185 66 43
IV 57 500 25 190 70 38
V 60 500 25 195 72 35
VI 64 500 25 199 73 33
VII 67 500 25 204 74 30
VIII 70 500 25 209 75 28
IX 73 500 25 214 76 25
X 76 500 25 219 76 23

Rank Damage Rate of Fire Max Clip Size Max Ammo Accuracy Weight
I 110 500 25 198 61 45
II 112 510 25 203 66 43
III 114 510 25 208 68 40
IV 116 520 25 213 70 38
V 118 520 25 218 72 35
VI 120 530 25 224 73 33
VII 122 530 25 230 74 30
VIII 124 540 25 236 75 28
IX 126 540 25 242 76 25
X 132 550 25 248 76 23


Rank Rd icon milkyway orange Research Cost Omni-gel canister icon Omni-Gel Canister Graphite icon Graphite Cadmium icon Cadmium Element zero icon Element Zero MEA Augmentation Slot For Tables Augmentation Slots
I 125 20 100 50 10 0
II 140 30 110 50 10 3
III 155 30 130 60 20 3
IV 170 30 140 70 20 3
V 185 40 160 80 20 3
VI 200 40 170 80 20 3
VII 215 40 180 80 20 3
VIII 230 40 190 90 20 3
IX 245 50 190 90 20 3
X 260 50 200 100 20 3
Total 1925 370 1570 750 180 N/A


  • Indra is the King of the gods in Hindu mythology. He is also the God of War, Storms, and Rainfall - and is associated with Vajrapani.
  • The Indra's muzzle flash is bugged in ME3 - it will only appear on the first shot pulled, not any subsequent ones until the trigger is released and re-pulled.