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The Indra's low-powered scope leaves it most effective at medium range, but many soldiers believe this limitation is offset by the gun's rapid rate of fire. The Indra is the first military-grade, fully automatic sniper rifle. It has an extremely efficient heat-sink system that allows a surprisingly large number of shots to be fired before the weapon ejects its thermal clip.

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The M-90 Indra is available on PC by obtaining a redeemable code from a promotional giveaway by Alienware.[1] It is also available for all platforms by downloading the Mass Effect 3: Firefight Pack.

E-Mail from Liara T'SoniEdit

A New Sniper Rifle

From: Liara T'Soni

Shepard: A few weeks ago, I found an interesting schematic for a fully automatic sniper rifle called the Indra. The set I commissioned has been delivered to the Normandy. You can find the rifle in the weapons lockers. The Indra will do far more good in your hands than it would sitting in a warehouse.


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  • The Indra is the only fully automatic sniper rifle in the game.
  • An Infiltrator can get up anywhere from seven to twelve shots off while cloaked, depending on power evolution ranks chosen.
  • An Infiltrator with the bonus power Marksman is incredibly effective with the Indra. With Marksman evolved for Accuracy and Headshots, and Tactical Cloak evolved for Sniper Rifle Damage, the Indra is capable of causing massive damage to any enemy, even on Insanity. To take full effect of this setup, the Indra should be equipped with a Sniper Rifle Concentration Mod and Cryo Ammo.
  • When not zoomed in, the weapon behaves more like an assault rifle with little recoil. However, similarly to most other sniper rifles, the Indra suffers a heavy damage penalty when fired from the hip, making it very ineffective outside of zoom.
  • Like any fully automatic weapon, it requires the player to compensate for recoil by lowering the aim. This can make getting multiple headshots on target difficult. An alternative approach that works with some weapons (such as the M-29 Incisor) is to aim for the chest first, and allow the rifle's recoil to bring the sights up to the target's head.
  • The Indra also has the largest ammo capacity of any sniper rifle available at 180 rounds without upgrades.
  • With its minimal recoil and fast rate of fire, combined with a sniper rifle's increased chance of triggering ammo effects (Cryo, Incendiary), it is a good fit for Soldiers and Infiltrators looking to take down unshielded enemies or large enemies in short order.
  • A level V Indra is one of the lighter sniper rifles in the game, making it quite versatile for power user classes like Adept, Engineer, and Vanguard.
  • Vanguards sporting a level V Indra and a level V Disciple can be quite versatile and devastating even on insanity difficulty as it gives them unparalleled battlefield control, e.g. Pull+sniper rifle for long range engagements and Charge+Nova+shotgun for short range engagements while keeping power cool-down delay to a minimum.
  • Although the bullet impacts may look like explosions, this weapon has no area of effect damage.

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