The Viper is a semi-automatic, rapid-fire sniper rifle manufactured by Rosenkov Materials. Rosenkov developed a patented automated-release system that assists with thermal-clip ejection, shortening the Viper's reload time. This rifle is popular with military snipers, who appreciate a long-range gun that can snap off multiple shots in the blink of an eye.


The M-97 Viper is found during the mission Priority: Palaven, on top of a crate in the center of the first base. (It is also purchasable from Kassa Fabrication post-mission if it was missed).

Player Notes

  • The Viper has changed drastically compared to Mass Effect 2. It now fires much more slowly but has more damage per shot.
  • The Viper is the second-lightest sniper rifle in the game, after the M-29 Incisor.
  • The Viper is ideal for taking down groups of lightly-protected enemies because its semi-high fire rate, very fast reload, and reasonably large clip allow it to rapidly kill infantry with headshots, provided a character has modded it appropriately and has the right skillset. When upgraded appropriately it can still take down moderately protected enemies with 2-4 hits to the head, with the first hit to the head often causing enemies to flinch, making successive shots easier.
  • The Viper serves as a good middle ground between the M-13 Raptor and the M-92 Mantis, doing more damage than the former and firing faster than the latter.
  • The Viper suffers a substantially lower damage penalty for firing without the scope than other sniper rifles, making it more useful to a sniper who is frequently on the move.
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