MSV basic freighter 2 SLI

Location: Milky Way / Kepler Verge / Herschel System


The Fedele is a Kowloon class modular conveyor of human design. In addition to the standard cargo bay, the hull has several biological research modules attached.

Registry: Private Owner, Dr. R. Heart


Mass Effect

The Fedele's cargo hold is full of mindless Test Subjects (resembling Thorian Creepers) who attack Commander Shepard's squad on sight. There are also crates stocked with weapons and wetware in the room with Dr. Saleon.

The ship's owner, a salarian, can be found in one of the compartments, and thanks Shepard for rescuing him from "those things". If Garrus Vakarian is with the squad, he can identify the salarian as Dr. Saleon, and ask the commander for a chance to get payback. Shepard can either deny Garrus' request and kill Saleon, or let Garrus get his payback. Saleon refuses to be taken and tries to run away, but Saleon is killed in the attempt.

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