MSV basic freighter 1 SLI

Location: Milky Way / Gemini Sigma / Ming System

Description Edit

The Worthington is a Kowloon Class modular conveyor of human design, configured for mixed freight and passenger hauling. The ship appears to be in shut down state; the main thrusters are cold, and it is adrift off the orbit of Antiroprus.

Registry: The Morrison Company, Shanxi

Assignments Edit

Mass Effect Edit

The Worthington had at least four crew members - the captain, a doctor named Smith, and two other crewmen, Jacob and his biotic girlfriend Julia - though the crew quarters have room for more than twenty.

Commander Shepard's team finds the Worthington apparently deserted and heavily booby-trapped, with Jacob hooked up to life support in the medical room, though his brain activity is flat-lined. Shepard can read the crew logs in the medical room, crew quarters and cockpit to piece together what happened there.

Trivia Edit

  • Possibly due to the investigative nature of the UNC: Lost Freighter assignment, in the game files, the Worthington is referred to as the 'CSI' freighter.
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