Location: Milky WayHorse Head NebulaFortuna System First planet

Prerequisite: Destroying the two pirate bases on Mavigon and Klensal as part of UNC: Hostile Takeover (Mass Effect).

Description Edit

Maganlis is a rock terrestrial with an atmosphere of sulphur dioxide and trace amounts of helium. Scans reveal ancient lava plains on the surface, implying a geologically active past. The crust consists of sulphur and basalts, but the planet's mass suggests a core of iron and heavier materials. Cursory drill coring suggests the possibility of simple subterranean life.

Survey Text Edit

“While scanning the planet Maganlis, you discovered the remains of a damaged research vessel. Your recon team found no signs of survivors, but they did bring back a Rocam Outpost insignia.”

Assignments Edit

Properties Edit

Albedo comes out to "-0.67". This planet should have an anti-greenhouse effect from the SO2. The planet is far too hot. Internal heating alone cannot account for this.

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