Magnesium (Mg) is a collectible resource in Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Analysis Edit

Magnesium is a light and sturdy metal. Magnesium alloys are integral to many complex Initiative structures.

Acquisition Edit

Magnesium can be detected via orbital scan and mined with the Nomad. It can also be purchased from certain merchants.

Planets where magnesium can be mined:

Specific Uses Edit

Magnesium is used for a small number of items in Mass Effect: Andromeda.

The total amount of Magnesium listed is for one crafted copy of each item.

Item Item Type Magnesium Required Notes
Equalizer Pistols 1570 Ranks I - X
Inferno Sniper Rifles 1880 Ranks I - X
Scattershot Shotguns 1880 Ranks I - X
Sweeper Assault Rifles 1570 Ranks I - X
Total - 6900 -

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