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Maji orbits the Vamshi binary giant stars. Vamshi-A is a blue star of spectral class A4III which burns at half again the temperature of Sol. Vamshi-B is an aging red giant of class M5III, over 220 times the size of Sol.

Maji has a thin atmosphere of methane and carbon monoxide. The difference in temperature between the hemisphere facing the suns and that facing deep space causes constant wind, stirring the silica and sodium dust of the surface.

Unsavory characters from the Terminus Systems occasionally use Maji for forms of cruel sport, dumping slaves, hostages, quarreling shipmates, or even (when bored) vicious animals on the surface. One must kill the other before they will be rescued from the lethal radiation of the giant stars.

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Location Appearance Description
1 Initial Geth outpost (UNC: Geth Incursions)
2 Initial Crashed probe (requires moderate or high Electronics to salvage).
3 Initial Ancient debris (UNC: Turian Insignias)

“This strange-looking sensor has some ancient graffiti scribbled on it. It appears to be marked with the Edessan Colony insignia.”

4 Discovery Odd Skull

“This massive skull is scored by deflected mass accelerator shots. The xenobiology files in your hardsuit computer can't identify the species. It must have been brought here from an unknown world.”

5 Unmarked Five Geth Heavy Turrets are dotted along the road leading to the outpost

Mineral Deposits Edit

Maji SLI
Main article: UNC: Valuable Minerals
Location Element Class
1 Magnesium Light
2 Beryllium Light
3 Thorium Rare

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Vamshi-A of spectral class A4 with a surface temperature of 8667 K would actually be a main-sequence white dwarf, not a blue giant: mass 2.1 and radius under 2 sols. That means its class would be A4 V 1.

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