Major Kyle is a former Alliance officer who served at the brutal battle of Torfan in 2178. If Shepard has the Ruthless background, Kyle was Shepard's commanding officer during the Torfan raid. Though an exemplary officer, the loss of so many men under his command was too much for Kyle to cope with, and he was given an honourable discharge after a psychiatric evaluation showed he was no longer fit for duty.

Kyle later resurfaced as the leader of a biotic commune on Presrop, located in the Century system of the Hawking Eta cluster. The commune was in fact a cult, with the biotics referring to him as "Father Kyle". According to Admiral Hackett, Kyle — never a biotic himself — was likely seen by the cultists as a protector, and through 'protecting' them, Kyle was able to assuage his guilt over the events at Torfan.

Possibly on Kyle's orders, the commune distributed transmissions across the extranet, one of which was intercepted by C-Sec, inviting other biotics to join them on Presrop. Kyle began taking a more militant approach, preaching that the Alliance was in fact responsible for all the biotics' problems. Eventually the Alliance became concerned about his activities.

Mass Effect Edit

Two Alliance negotiators are sent to speak to Kyle and convince him to receive treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder, but Kyle decides they are a threat, and they are killed by the cultists. Admiral Hackett then contacts Commander Shepard to deal with Kyle, either by forcibly removing the cult, or persuading Kyle to surrender.

Upon arriving at the biotics' compound, Shepard can either negotiate an audience with Kyle or break into the compound. (If Shepard has the Ruthless background, Kyle will speak to the commander willingly, though he will address Shepard as "The Butcher of Torfan".) Once face-to-face with Kyle, Shepard can either open fire, or convince Kyle to surrender peacefully, in which case Kyle is taken for treatment and his cult disbands peacefully.

Mass Effect 2 Edit

If Martin Burns was not saved in 2183, a news report on the Citadel will announce that Kyle is trying to form an all-biotic community as the reparations were not given to L2 biotics and they have become even more alienated from galactic society.

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