Majordomo Bell-Scott is a human inhabitant of Earth who joined Andromeda Initiative as a colonist to find a loftier purpose in his life.

When Pathfinder Ryder settles the outpost Prodromos on Eos, Bell-Scott is appointed second in command to assist Mayor August Bradley by running the day to day operations. According to him, his job consist mostly in managing scraps and small businesses as Bradley is pretty tied into colony's affairs. He is located in the first floor of the building across from the mayor. Bell-Scott is convinced that the settlement will improve planet's viability even he foresees an uptick of kett's activity in the region. He also notes to misses the Earth and his family.

If Ryder cataloged all the missing bodies of Site 1 and 2 on Eos, Bell-Scott will add those missing persons to the list of survivors and will notice that the numbers doesn't add up. According to his calculation, there should be more bodies and he needs precision on this matter. He noted several possibilities on the fate of the missing personnel and may ask Ryder to verify them. Ultimately, Ryder may discover that a shuttle escaped the destruction of Site 2: Resilience who is now drifting in the Eriksson sector. Some personnel are still alive and in stasis that can be evacuated by the Nexus. Bell-Scott will then give them the choice to come back on Eos.

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  • Bell-Scott mentions a "kett expert" on Eos appointed by Ryder but Ryder has no knowledge of him. Bell-Scott may say that he will give the kett expert's nav point but nothing appears on Pathfinder's map.
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