Planetside manta

The Manta is benign creature encountered in Mass Effect: Andromeda. It can usually be sighted swimming through the air on various planets in the Heleus Cluster. The creature is the first non-sentient creature Ryder encounters in the game during the mission, Planetside.

Codex Entry Edit

Nicknamed a "manta" by Andromeda Initiative observers, this majestic creature has been sighted on several worlds in the Heleus Cluster. The Nexus scientists believe it may have originally evovled on a world with heavy deposits of Element Zero, giving it the ability to lower its mass enough to "swim" through the air. Expanding the muscular gas bladders on its underside allows the creature to rise and orient itself in flight.

Despite its size--roughly 30m--the manta is not a threat to outposts or explorers. It appears to subsist on mineral deposits from rock formations, wrapping itself around rock spires or even against cliff faces to remain camouflaged while it feeds. Their camouflage ability suggests that these mantas have predators or other reasons to remain hidden, but thus far the reasons remain unclear.

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