Chairman Martin Burns is head of the Alliance Parliamentary Subcommittee for Transhuman Studies, whose purview most notably covers human biotics. Recently the Subcommittee held a vote on whether or not to pay reparations to L2 biotics with severe health problems, but Burns voted against (and presumably vetoed) the proposal. A group of L2 biotics wrote letters to the Subcommittee asking him to reconsider, but were ignored. Getting desperate and more angry, the L2s finally kidnapped Chairman Burns, took him aboard the MSV Ontario, and attempted to hide in the asteroid belt of the Farinata system.

Mass Effect Edit

The Normandy catches up with the Ontario before she can reach the asteroid belt, and Commander Shepard leads a rescue party inside. Burns is being held at gunpoint in the back of the freighter, begging for his life and claiming that he's changed his mind. The L2s are prepared to execute Burns anyway, saying he's had his chance already and blew it.

If pushed, the L2s will kill Chairman Burns before being killed themselves by the squad. Alternatively, Shepard can try to make the case that the L2s need Chairman Burns alive to make any real changes. If he survives, Burns claims he had no idea that the L2s were so desperate, and vows that the reparations will come.

Mass Effect 2 Edit

If Chairman Burns was rescued, he stays true to his word: L2 biotics have received reparations for their implants. In the news report covering the event, Burns thanks biotics everywhere and promises more help for people who have been "forgotten by the system". He also sends Commander Shepard a message, entitled "Thank you again."

From: Martin Burns

Commander Shepard,

Udina said this would reach you. I wanted you to know that I haven't forgotten what you did for me the day those crazy biotics took me hostage. You talked them down and you got me off that ship alive.

I won't lie to you. I took this job for the pull and the power. I saw the biotics issue as a stepping stone, something good to put on my resume. And I was wrong.

We all serve humanity in our own way. I don't know what you're doing, but I'm going to see to it that humanity reaches its potential with a minimum of bloodshed. I'm getting letters of thanks from L2 biotics who just received their reparations. Those letters should really be coming to you. I just thought you should know.

Good luck. I've taken some political heat, so I don't know that any offer to help you would ever be useful. But if you need me, I won't let you down.

Martin Burns

Chairman, Subcommittee for Transhuman Studies

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