Mass Effect: Discovery is a comic series set around the events of Mass Effect: Andromeda and following the adventures of turian Tiran Kandros during his infiltration of the Andromeda Initiative.[1] Four issues long, the first installment was released on May 24, 2017[2] and the last on October 25, 2017.[3] All issues have been collected into trade paperback, released on January 17, 2018.[4]

Four variant covers were made for the issues, done in classic sci-fi pulp style by artist Kate Niemczyk and resident colorist Michael Atiyeh.[1]

Issues Edit

Discovery Issue One pulp cover Discovery Issue Two pulp cover Discovery Issue Three pulp cover Discovery Issue Four pulp cover
Mass Effect: Discovery 1 Mass Effect: Discovery 2 Mass Effect: Discovery 3 Mass Effect: Discovery 4

References Edit

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