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Mass Effect: Incursion is an eight-page mini-comic that follows Aria T'Loak's encounter with the Collectors one week prior to the opening events of Mass Effect 2. The events of Incursion link into the events of the comic mini-series Mass Effect: Redemption. Incursion was made available on June 21, 2010 through IGN. It is also included in the graphic novel release of Mass Effect: Evolution, and in a two-comic collection with Mass Effect: Inquisition on Dark Horse Digital.

According to Mac Walters, Mass Effect: Incursion was created to flesh out a conversation between Liara T'Soni and Aria T'Loak in Mass Effect: Redemption: "We wanted to continue to explore the original comic book, Redemption, and find a snippet in there. The idea I had was that I had a moment [in Redemption] where Liara meets Aria on Omega, and Aria has a very negative reaction to a mention of the Collectors. And I thought that I didn't really mention why that is. It makes sense if you think about it, but maybe there's a story behind it. So that's the genesis of these 8 pages."

Release Information Edit

  • Publication Date: June 21, 2010
  • Writer: Mac Walters
  • Artist: Eduardo Francisco
  • Colorist: Michael Atiyeh
  • Leterrer: Michael Heisler


Collectors meet the Blue Suns
One week before the Collectors destroy the SSV Normandy, Aria T'Loak and two batarian bodyguards are investigating a disturbance on Omega. One of the bodyguards says that the problem is related to the Blue Suns or slavers and that they can handle it alone. Aria, sensing something worse, insists on coming herself.

The three interrupt a meeting between Blue Suns mercenaries and a group of Collectors accompanied by a Praetorian. After seeing that the Blue Suns are selling several humans to the Collectors, Aria orders her bodyguards to make sure no one leaves the area alive and joins the fight herself.

At the end of the battle, all of the Collectors and humans are dead while Aria loses only one of her men. Some Blue Suns also survive, but Aria orders them to be interrogated and executed. Later at Afterlife, Aria is given a datapad with all of the information her agents could find about the Blue Suns' deal with the Collectors. The data consists of human population totals for Horizon, Omega, Freedom's Progress, the Citadel, Eden Prime, Terra Nova, and Earth. Aria notes that the Collectors wanted more than just a few slaves and that humanity has made a dangerous enemy.


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