This page contains a full walkthrough for the missions of Mass Effect: Infiltrator.

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Advancement Edit

Checkpoints System Edit

The game consists of a series of missions, which are further divided into segments marked by checkpoints. During each segment, the player must navigate the environment and defeat any enemies who appear. Upon completion of a mission segment, the player's performance is analyzed and scored.

Linear Progression Edit

The progression in the game is linear and no choice can be made to do one mission before another. The player needs to finish a mission before unlocking the next one.

Note: The Bonus Missions are an exception to this system and can be played at any time. However, the progression throughout these specific missions is also linear with the checkpoints system.

Repeat Checkpoints Edit

Once they are unlocked, every checkpoint can be replayed at any time and in any order. This can be done in order to improve your ranking and to earn more credits. This is also true for the Bonus Missions. With credits, players may improve their equipment and abilities via the Store.


Main Plot Edit

The following missions represent plot progression. They use the Checkpoint system and have no time limit, but each mission must be completed before the next becomes available.

The missions feature the story of Randall Ezno, a Cerberus operative gone rogue.

Bonus Missions Edit

The following mission represents plot progression. It has no time limit, but it uses the Checkpoints system.

The mission features the story of an unnamed turian after his capture by Randall Ezno.

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