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Disambiguous.png This article is about the Mass Effect 3 DLC. For the entity featured by the DLC, see Leviathan. For the ancient artifact mentioned in Mass Effect, see Leviathan of Dis.
An official screenshot of Mass Effect 3: Leviathan

Mass Effect 3: Leviathan is a DLC pack for Mass Effect 3. It was released on August 28, 2012 for all platforms, with a delayed PS3 release in Europe set for August 29, 2012.[1] Prior to Leviathan's official announcement on August 2nd, 2012, some elements of the script were discovered in the files of the Extended Cut, and actor Anthony Skordi confirmed that he had provided voice work for the content.[2]


Something lurks in the dark corners of space, something powerful enough to kill a Reaper. Shepard must discover the most closely guarded secret in the galaxy before the Reapers silence it forever. Discover more about the origins of the Reapers as you race across the galaxy to find the Leviathan. Unravel the dark history of the Reaper Race before it is too late. Coming later this summer there is no war, only the harvest.

Taking place during the events of Mass Effect 3, players will be thrust into the darkest corners of space where they will hunt a mysterious being rumored to be powerful enough to destroy a Reaper. As they race against time, they will begin to unravel the secret of the Leviathan. Explore uncharted systems and new areas on the Citadel, interact with brand new characters, unlock the AT-12 Raider shotgun and M-55 Argus Assault Rifle and discover more about the mysterious history of the Reapers.[3]


  • One cabin item:
    • Bryson's Husk Head Experiment.
  • Citadel changes:
    • Rapid transport terminals at major locations in the Citadel


Mass Effect 3: Leviathan is available for 800 BioWare Points on PC and $9.99 USD on consoles.[4][5]. It is also available as part of Mass Effect Legendary Edition.