Bernard Plim

Sometime in 2186, Bernard Plim, a self-proclaimed anti-conspiracy activist, hacks the Alliance News Network in order to reveal his findings about an assumed conspiracy of the Systems Alliance. At this time, he tries to reach out to the public through his blog[1] and two comm channels:

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ANN (@AllianceNewsNet[2]) comm channel: The hacked ANN channel by Bernard Plim.
Bernard Plim
Bernard Plim (@BernardPlim[3]) – Bernard Plim's personal comm channel.

Claiming to have been an activist for twenty-three years, Plim presents himself as the founder and president of the Conspiracy Accountability League, his purpose being to investigate potential secrets and cover-ups to "reveal the truth so you don't have to." He ardently guarantees that the information he gathers is high-quality and fully reliable, and has even published a few books. Scandals he has allegedly exposed include blowing "the lid off the Alliance funding of the Volus Mafia on Patavig", and uncovering "the illegal purchase of biological weapons from Dakuna" (presumably the elcor homeworld of Dekuuna).

At the time of the ANN hack attempts, Plim is particularly interested in the activities of Admiral Hackett, Dr. Garret Bryson and Task Force Aurora. He appears to constantly be on the run from C-Sec, and recurrently appeals to his readers to fund his operations by sending credits.

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Hacking Attempt Edit


Task Force Aurora: I have uncovered documentation that points to the fact that scientist and infamous oddity hunter Dr. Garrett Bryson is running a SUPER SECRET TASK FORCE on the Reapers for the Alliance, and THEY ARE NOT TELLING US ABOUT IT! Why is it a secret? I hereby challenge the Alliance and Admiral Hackett to come clean and tell us WHAT EXACTLY THEY ARE INVESTIGATING WITH TASK FORCE AURORA!!!!

Apparently, people as high up as ADMIRAL HACKETT HIMSELF are involved! His involvement is a huge RED FLAG that Task Force Aurora involves something about the Reapers – probably SOMETHING THAT COULD SAVE YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!!! The Alliance strongly DENIES the existence of Task Force Aurora, but I, with my years of experience, would expect nothing less.

I have tried to contact Admiral Hackett myself, but he won’t return my calls. WHY NOT?! Is it because he’s HIDING SOMETHING? I’m sure that he feels safe on his space station home as we all sit by and watch our friends and families get juiced by the Reapers, but I DON’T and NEITHER SHOULD YOU—we need to DEMAND ACCOUNTABILITY. I encourage you to write or send a vid to Admiral Hackett and the Citadel Council demanding them to come clean and TELL US WHAT THEY KNOW!!!!!!

Posted by barnard.plim

— Conspiracy Accountability League

  • Bernard Plim: I would have liked to be in the room at the ANN when they discovered that they’d been hacked! Wasn’t hard. #babystuff #findleviathan
  • ANN (hacked): They said it couldn't be done, but the ANN is now under my complete control!


Top of the line security, huh? Hmph. I don’t think so! I’ve successfully hacked into the Alliance News Network’s terminal, but this isn’t a safe connection and I can’t stay long. I don’t want to reveal my location on the Citadel and give C-Sec the advantage. I must be heard! Go read about everything that Hackett is trying to cover up! I am Bernard Plim and I speak the truth! Conspiracy Accountability League.

— Alliance News Network publication

Task Force Aurora Edit

  • ANN (Hacked): The Conspiracy Accountability League (CAL) has hacked the Alliance News Network! GET READY TO HEAR THE TRUTH! #FindLeviathan
  • ANN (Hacked): Greetings. I am @BernardPlim of Conspiracy Accountability League. I have hacked you ANN! #FindLeviathan
  • ANN (Hacked): The Alliance is keeping key information about the Reapers from us! WE DESERVE TO KNOW! TWEET THE TRUTH! #FindLeviathan
  • Bernard Plim: My hacking hideaway is stocked for at least five days. TWEET THE TRUTH! #noneedtosendsnacks #creditsarewelcome #findleviathan
  • ANN (Hacked): Admiral Hackett come clean! What is TASK FORCE AURORA? Why is it classified? #FindLeviathan
  • ANN (Hacked): I have evidence that TASK FORCE AURORA is secretly STUDYING THE REAPERS!! #FindLeviathan
  • ANN (Hacked): I have NEW EVIDENCE that Task Force Aurora is also studying the LEVIATHAN OF DIS! Admiral Hackett – WHY?! #FindLeviathan
  • ANN (Hacked): What does the Citadel Council know?! #FindLeviathan
  • ANN (Hacked): What other conspiracies are the Alliance and the council hiding? We won’t be silent! TWEET THE TRUTH!! #FindLeviathan
  • ANN (Hacked): I am @BernardPlim, trusted and experienced conspiracy hunter. I reveal the truth so you don’t have to! #FindLeviathan
  • ANN (Hacked): Admiral Hackett what is Task Force Aurora? WE DEMAND TO KNOW!! #FindLeviathan

The Leviathan of Dis Edit


COME ON PEOPLE! I have recently pointed out some astonishing secrecy on the part of the Alliance that probably involves REAPER SECRETS!!! WHERE is the outrage!!?? For today’s blog, due to new evidence regarding TASK FORCE AURORA, I am resurrecting an entry from many years ago. Read and learn!


In 2163, the Batarians discovered an enormous starship had crashed on the planet of Jatar [sic]. Soon after that, said starship mysteriously ‘disappeared!’ Or, perhaps it’s NOT so ‘mysterious’ when you consider a BATARIAN DREADNOUGHT visited the area right before the crashed ship ‘disappeared.’ Soon after, the Batarians denied that the starship had ever existed. WHAT?! How freaking gullible do they think we are?

There are at least two reasons why that denial is a lie suspicious:

Batarians are liars and assholes (my opinion *only* based on personal experience on Omegaas documented in my April 28, 2179 blog entry) The Salarians HAVE VID FOOTAGE OF IT!!! Now, I do not have access to, nor have I ever seen, said vid footage. However – COME ON!!!!! I’ll take the word of salarian scientists over the batarian government any day.


I, your tireless, highly-educated, and dedicated sleuth/shit-disturber, have uncovered a RECEIPT FROM A COFFEE SHOP here on the Citadel with the following notation: “Bryson, Garneau – Leviathan discussion -- planning and supply list.” So, clearly Task Force Aurora is ‘discussing’ the Leviathan of Dis.


In all my years, I have never heard of anything this big – the galaxy needs to know!!!! Spread the word and DEMAND ANSWERS from Hackett and the Alliance!!!!

Posted by barnard.plim

— Conspiracy Accountability League

  • Bernard Plim: If you have any conspiracies you need me to uncover LET ME KNOW! I’ll add them to my list. #truthhunterextraordinaire #findleviathan
  • Bernard Plim: Perhaps I need to go and confront Admiral Hackett to his face before he will answer me! #whatistaskforceaurora #findleviathan
  • Bernard Plim: Check out my book “What the Drell Don’t Know: And the Hanar Won’t Say.” 5 stars from the Ilium Trade Review. #findleviathan
  • ANN (Hacked): Alliance, we have hacked your network and we know about TASK FORCE AURORA. Now, so does the galaxy! #FindLeviathan
  • ANN (Hacked): Citizens of the galaxy! Let them know we’re on to them! Leviathan of Dis was real! #FindLeviathan
  • ANN (Hacked): Batarian officials lied! Don’t believe Leviathan of Dis deniers! TWEET THE TRUTH! #FindLeviathan
  • Bernard Plim: No thanks, I won’t need stims to carry out my campaign. #thetruthisbetterthanredsand #findleviathan
  • ANN (Hacked): Hackett/Alliance, I challenge you to ANSWER! #FindLeviathan
  • ANN (Hacked): @BernardPlim is NOT a crackpot! #FindLeviathan
  • ANN (Hacked): Why won’t the traditional media carry this REAL INFORMATION!! #FindLeviathan
  • Bernard Plim: Dr. Garrett Bryson [sic] is my idol. I can’t believe HE WOULD KEEP THE TRUTH FROM US!!!!!!! #findleviathan
  • ANN (Hacked): ANN is obviously IN THE POCKET OF THE ALLIANCE. #FindLeviathan
  • ANN (Hacked): YOU WILL NEVER SILENCE ME! @BernardPlim #FindLeviathan
  • ANN (Hacked): AHHHHHH!! C-SEC is here! ANN is an ALLIANCE PATSY!! Send help! #FindLeviathan


As you know, my hack of the Alliance Network was shut down yesterday. Up to the point that C-SEC stormed our conspiracy headquarters, my campaign had received no response from Admiral Hackett, or the ALIANCE, or the “legitimate” (patsies) media.

After my “arrest”, I was interrogated, possibly beaten, and spent one uncomfortable night in jail as the room mate of five drunken Elcor. BUT THE ALLIANCE CANNOT KEEP ME SILENT!! The trial will be expensive… please send credits.

Since all my equipment and files have been confiscated and/or smashed by C-SEC thugs, I am posting this using my grandmother’s borrowed datapad. But I PROMISE that this won’t be the last that you will hear from Bernard Plim and the Conspiracy Accountability League!!! BERNARD PLIM SAYS… “TRUTH HUNTER’s … HUNT ON!!!”

Posted by barnard.plim

— Conspiracy Accountability League

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