The Mass Effect 3 Soundtrack was composed by Sascha Dikiciyan & Cris Velasco, who composed the scores for Mass Effect 2 DLC packs Kasumi's Stolen Memory and Arrival; Sam Hulick, who worked on the scores for Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2; Christopher Lennertz, who composed the scores for Mass Effect 2 DLC packs Overlord and Lair of the Shadow Broker; and Clint Mansell, known for scoring films such as Requiem for a Dream and The Fountain. Faunts returned to provide a song for the credits, "Das Malefitz", after an absence from Mass Effect 2.

Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 Composer Jack Wall did not return for Mass Effect 3, however several tracks from the previous games do return, though they are not included on the soundtrack.

The soundtrack was initially available only through purchase of the Mass Effect 3 N7 Collector's Edition or Digital Deluxe Edition, though it became available on the iTunes store on April 24, 2012 at a cost of US$6.99.[1]

Mass Effect 3 Original Videogame Score Edit

With Mass Effect 3, we're taking players on a more personal journey, even though the scope is bigger than ever - an all-out galactic war! Each composer has played an intricate role in delivering the combination of epic scope and delicate emotion that will make Mass Effect 3 the best game in the series.

— Casey Hudson, Project Director

# Title Composer Length
1 The Fate of the Galaxy Sam Hulick 1:19
2 Leaving Earth Clint Mansell 2:02
3 Mars Sam Hulick 4:40
4 A Cerberus Agent Sam Hulick 1:46
5 The View of Palaven Christopher Lennertz 3:34
6 A Future for the Krogan Christopher Lennertz 3:29
7 Sur'Kesh Christopher Lennertz 2:27
8 The Ardat-Yakshi Sascha Dikiciyan & Cris Velasco 3:19
9 Rannoch Sascha Dikiciyan & Cris Velasco 3:06
10 I'm Sorry Sascha Dikiciyan & Cris Velasco 2:35
11 The Cerberus Plot Christopher Lennertz 3:48
12 The Scientists Sascha Dikiciyan & Cris Velasco 2:48
13 Aralakh Company Sascha Dikiciyan & Cris Velasco 3:26
14 Prothean Beacon Sascha Dikiciyan & Cris Velasco 3:20
15 Defeat Sascha Dikiciyan & Cris Velasco 3:17
16 Reaper Chase Sascha Dikiciyan & Cris Velasco 2:02
17 Stand Strong, Stand Together Christopher Lennertz 1:53
18 I Was Lost Without You Sam Hulick 2:33
19 The Fleets Arrive Sam Hulick 1:41
20 We Face Our Enemy Together Sam Hulick 1:39
21 I'm Proud of You Sam Hulick 1:16
22 An End, Once and For All Clint Mansell & Sam Hulick 2:52
23 Das Malefitz Faunts 4:05
24 Betrayal 1 Christopher Lennertz 2:52
25 Creation 1 Sascha Dikiciyan & Cris Velasco 2:13
1 Collector's Edition Extra Track

Additional Soundtracks Edit

Starting in July of 2012, BioWare began releasing additional videogame scores for Mass Effect 3. These albums include tracks that were not included in the Mass Effect 3 Original Videogame Score.

Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut Edit

ME3 - Extended Cut cover

Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut contained additional music composed by Sam Hulick. This score was released as a free download on BioWare Social Network on July 6th, 2012.[2]

# Title Composer Length
1 Wake Up1 Sam Hulick 2:00
2 An End, Once And For All - Extended Cut Sam Hulick & Clint Mansell 4:45
3 A Future That Many Will Never See Sam Hulick 1:32
4 I Will Watch Over Those Who Live On Sam Hulick 3:24
5 I Am Alive And I Am Not Alone Sam Hulick 1:49
6 We Fought As A United Galaxy Sam Hulick 1:57
7 Resolution Sam Hulick 1:26
1 Unlike the rest of the Extended Cut tracks, "Wake Up" was part of the original soundtrack, but was not included in the Original Videogame Score.

Mass Effect 3: Leviathan Edit

The soundtrack for Mass Effect 3: Leviathan was composed by Sascha Dikiciyan and Cris Velasco [3]. A single 'Unreleased' track from the DLC was made available for free on the Mass Effect website on September 1, 2012.[4]

# Title Composer Length
1 Leviathan Sascha Dikicyan & Cris Velasco 3:06

Mass Effect 3: Citadel Edit


Mass Effect 3: Citadel contained additional music composed by Sam Hulick, Cris Velasco, and Sascha Dikiciyan. This score was released as a free download for registered owners of Mass Effect 3 on BioWare Social Network on March 11th, 2013.[5]

# Title Composer Length
1 I Dream of Sushi Cris Velasco & Sascha Dikiciyan 0:50
2 Shepard Falls Cris Velasco & Sascha Dikiciyan 0:36
3 Citadel Underbelly Cris Velasco & Sascha Dikiciyan 3:47
4 Team Rescue Cris Velasco & Sascha Dikiciyan 0:27
5 Casino Mystery Cris Velasco & Sascha Dikiciyan 1:03
6 Archival Knowledge Cris Velasco & Sascha Dikiciyan 2:27
7 Piracy! Cris Velasco & Sascha Dikiciyan 1:39
8 The Anti-Shepard Cris Velasco & Sascha Dikiciyan 2:12
9 Battle Within, Battle Without Cris Velasco & Sascha Dikiciyan 2:05
10 The End... Cris Velasco & Sascha Dikiciyan 0:58
11 Shepard's Tango Sam Hulick 1:46
12 Liara's Theme Sam Hulick 1:27
13 Joker's Fifteen Minutes Sam Hulick 1:18
14 Lost in You Sam Hulick 0:57
15 Combat Simulator Tier 1 Sam Hulick 1:18
16 Combat Simulator Tier 2 Sam Hulick 1:24
17 Combat Simulator Tier 3 Sam Hulick 1:18
18 Combat Simulator Tier 4 Sam Hulick 1:25
19 Combat Simulator Mirror Sam Hulick 1:59
20 Farewell and Into the Inevitable Sam Hulick 2:01

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