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Mass Effect Andromeda: Nexus Uprising is a novel written by Jason M. Hough and K.C. Alexander, published by Titan Books. Released on March 21, 2017,[1] it is the first of the line-up of titles set in the Mass Effect: Andromeda universe.[2]

The novel is also available in audiobook form. It is narrated by Fryda Wolff, the voice of female Pathfinder Ryder and Sara Ryder.[3]


They slept for hundreds of years, dreaming of a new home in the Andromeda Galaxy. When finally they awake, their dreams of peace are shattered. These colonists—turian, salarian, asari, human, and more—face an uncharted galaxy and threats beyond understanding.The [sic] Nexus is the core from which the colonists will explore their new home. Yet even before the arks arrive, the massive space station sustains critical damage.

The entire mission is placed in jeopardy, and security director Sloane Kelly must reassert order while racing to identify the nature of the threat that faces them.If [sic] she fails, the Andromeda Initiative could crumble.[4]


See the Storyline for plot details.