This page contains a full walkthrough for the Missions of Mass Effect Galaxy.

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Advancement Edit

Progression Edit

The progression in the game is linear during the introduction and the conclusion of the game. However, during the main plot of the game, the player can choose one main mission before another. The player must complete a mission before traveling to the next one; after each major mission, the player can select a new destination using the galaxy map.

Combat zones Edit

MEG Galaxy Map
When travel is complete, the player reaches their destination. After a short cinematic or dialogue, the combat starts. Each mission is divided into a series of combat zones. When all enemies of the segment are defeated, the way to the next combat zone is displayed via a green reticule or the next cinematic or dialogue is launched.

The game will automatically be saved after each combat zone and after each dialogue or cinematic. Starting a new game will erase your current progress.

Walkthrough Edit

Introduction Edit

The following missions represent the linear plot progression before you can make any choices in the plot. They have no time limit, but each mission must be completed before the next becomes available.

They feature the beginning of the story of Jacob Taylor, a former Alliance soldier on a vacation ship which is attacked by batarian terrorists.

The investigation Edit

The following missions represent the plot progression and the choices that you can make for your investigation. They have no time limit and the three missions must be completed before the conclusion becomes available.

These missions form the story of Jacob Taylor's investigation on the terrorist threat. Miranda Lawson, a Cerberus operative, will give him three sources on where to start the investigation. The player can choose on the Galaxy Map where they want to start. Each of these missions will upgrade one of your three abilities, which can influence your choices.

Note: The completion of this mission will upgrade your heavy weapon attack.
Note: The completion of this mission will upgrade your shield overload.
Note: The completion of this mission will upgrade your biotic stasis.

Conclusion Edit

When all three investigation missions are completed, the last mission will be launched. The following mission represents the resolution of Jacob's investigation and the conclusion of the game.

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