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Mass Effect Original Soundtrack was released on November 20, 2007. It was composed by Jack Wall and Sam Hulick with additional music by Richard Jacques and David Kates. The song that plays over the final credits, "M4 Part II", was written by Faunts, who are from Edmonton, Alberta (where Mass Effect was developed at BioWare's main studio).

According to the press release it is inspired by classic sci-fi movies such as Blade Runner and Dune. The score blends 80's electronic music with modern orchestral scoring.

In May 2021, BioWare released the soundtrack in a free bonus content download, also featuring items from Deluxe versions of Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3. It is only available until July 31, 2021 or until download limit is reached. It consists of all the listed tracks below, minus M4 Part II by Faunts, and heading the collection at track#1 is a new song for Mass Effect Legendary Edition: Resynthesis, by Sam Hulick.

From the earliest stages of its conception, Mass Effect was meant to be an original artwork about the future, inspired by the great science fiction experiences of the past. This synthesis of originality and familiarity called for a truly unique soundtrack, with ambitious goals and unprecedented challenges.

— Casey Hudson, Project Director


# Title Composer Length
1 Mass Effect Theme Jack Wall & Sam Hulick 2:21
2 The Normandy Sam Hulick 1:35
3 Eden Prime Jack Wall 1:34
4 Battle at Eden Prime Sam Hulick 1:23
5 Saren Jack Wall 2:00
6 The Citadel Richard Jacques, Jack Wall & Sam Hulick 1:45
7 The Presidium Jack Wall 1:32
8 The Wards Jack Wall 3:14
9 Criminal Elements Jack Wall 1:56
10 Spectre Induction Richard Jacques, Jack Wall & Sam Hulick 1:55
11 Liara's World Jack Wall 2:35
12 A Very Dangerous Place Sam Hulick 2:40
13 Feros Jack Wall 1:34
14 Protecting the Colony Sam Hulick 1:56
15 The Thorian Richard Jacques & Jack Wall 3:12
16 Noveria Jack Wall 2:14
17 The Secret Labs Sam Hulick 2:39
18 The Alien Queen Richard Jacques, Jack Wall & Sam Hulick 1:44
19 Fatal Confrontation Jack Wall 1:09
20 Saren's Base Jack Wall 1:37
21 Breeding Ground Jack Wall & Sam Hulick 3:47
22 Virmire Ride Jack Wall 1:41
23 Exit Richard Jacques, Jack Wall & Sam Hulick 1:54
24 Love Theme Jack Wall 1:54
25 Uncharted Worlds Sam Hulick 1:16
26 Ilos Jack Wall 1:39
27 Vigil Jack Wall 1:44
28 Sovereign's Theme Sam Hulick 1:19
29 Uplink Sam Hulick 1:12
30 Battling Saren Jack Wall 1:38
31 In Pursuit of Saren Jack Wall & Sam Hulick 1:37
32 Infusion David Kates, Jack Wall & Sam Hulick 1:30
33 Final Assault David Kates, Jack Wall & Sam Hulick 2:02
34 Victory Sam Hulick 0:51
35 From the Wreckage Sam Hulick 1:54
36 The End (Reprise) Jack Wall & Sam Hulick 1:10
37 M4 Part II Faunts 8:18


  • Several compositions from the game are not included as tracks on the album. However, many of the missing tracks have been extracted from the game, and uploaded into videos. Here is a link to the first part of a series: Part 1 of 3; this series is more complete: Part 1 of 6.
  • In the Australian iTunes store the soundtrack is incorrectly titled Mass 'Effects' and has different titles for some tracks, such as 'Battling Saren' being titled 'Must Battle Saren' and 'Liara's World' being titled 'Calestron', a misspelling of the original name for Therum, Caleston. It also makes the error of calling the track 'Infusion', 'Infustion'.