Pages or files may be deleted from the wiki for multiple reasons including, but not limited to, the following:

  • The title is misspelled
  • The information on the page is inaccurate, outdated or copied from another website without permission
  • The information is deemed insufficient to justify the existence of an article (typically less than two full-length paragraphs of substantive information)
  • The page is spam (e.g. containing nonsense, profanity, adverts for a website, etc) or contains non-wiki or fan-based information
  • The screenshot is badly out of focus, aliased, or obscene
  • A better article or screenshot with the same information already exists or has been created / uploaded
  • The page has been made obsolete due to new information or a redirect

The rule of thumb for non-spam pages is: merge articles and preserve someone's work if possible, rather than simply delete them outright.

To tag a page for deletion, use the {{delete}} template. Don't forget to add a comment explaining why it has been tagged for deletion (e.g. {{delete|comment goes here}}). In addition, please begin a thread on the talk page explaining why you feel deletion is warranted.

Once a page or screenshot has been nominated for deletion, a 7-day voting period will commence. At the end of this period, the page or screenshot will either be deleted, or remain and have the delete tag removed, depending on the outcome of the vote.

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