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101 === Kenneth Donnelly ===
Kenneth ME3 boxshot

Kenneth Donnelly is a brilliant but perverted engineer on the Normandy SR-2. An ardent supporter of Commander Shepard, Kenneth once worked for the Systems Alliance until they discredited the events at the Battle of the Citadel. He openly disagreed with the official stories, eventually leading to his employment at Cerberus along with fellow engineer and his best friend Gabriella Daniels. Kenneth frequently injects sexual innuendos in his comments at all the women he works with (plus some he only knows by reputation) except for Gabby, a fact that may or may not be addressed depending on whether they both survive Shepard's Suicide Mission against the Collectors or not. more...

102 === Priority: Palaven ===

The turian Councilor has tasked Commander Shepard to retrieve Primarch Fedorian from Menae as part of a scheme for liberating Earth in the war against the Reapers. Unfortunately, Fedorian's shuttle has been blown out of the sky by the time of Shepard's arrival, and the next available successor is revealed to be General Adrien Victus who has been fighting in the front lines far from the main camp. Hordes of husks stand in the way, among them parodies of the turian form twisted to do the Reapers' bidding. more...

103 === Noveria: Espionage ===
Noveria SLI - Port Hanshan Mezzanine

In the course of pursuing Matriarch Benezia on Noveria, Commander Shepard can come across agents of two rival corporations, Armali Council and Binary Helix, playing a corporate game of cat and mouse. Malene Callis, the Armali Council agent, wants to use the Commander to plant spyware on Binary Helix businessman Rafael Vargas' personal network. Shepard can weigh options and based on chosen morality and/or potential rewards can side with either (or even neither) of the two. more...

104 === Mass Effect: Foundation 12 ===
Foundation 12 - thane training

From an early age, drell assassin Thane Krios has been molded into an efficient killer. He fell in love with a drell who once blocked the view of his targeting scope. Thane wed this drell, Irikah, and tried to raise a family with her, but having no skills other than killing he struggled to make ends meet. He started freelancing his skills, eventually leading to the destruction of his family. Thane hunted down the people responsible and, in a departure from his usual practice, dealt them slow painful deaths. The pro-human organization Cerberus received word of Thane's reputation, and gave him an interview as part of their search for potential squadmates of Commander Shepard. more...

105 === Pinnacle Station: Convoy ===
Intai'sei gmap

The prize for beating Admiral Tadius Ahern's special scenario with the safeties off at Pinnacle Station is the admiral's retirement home on the nearby planet of Intai'sei. The prefab house contains, among other things, a comm terminal with a link to a nearby convoy supplying military hardware. The convoy prices its items in three fixed tiers according to item quality, though one item at random is given per transaction. As of 2183, few merchants in the galaxy can match the value per credit of items sold by the convoy. more...

106 === Delta Squad ===
Fehl prime - delta squad minus vega

The Systems Alliance Special Forces unit designated Delta Squad was originally dispatched to Fehl Prime in order to thwart an invasion by Blood Pack mercenaries in 2183 CE. The squad managed to repel the invaders despite casualties, leading to top brass extending their deployment there for two more years. In 2185, Delta Squad sees action once more as Collectors descend onto Fehl Prime to abduct its citizens. The unit defeats the incursion, but at the cost of the colony itself and all but two of their number: Lieutenant James Vega and the sniper Milque. more...

107 === Admiral Shala'Raan vas Tonbay ===
ME3 a. raan boxshot

Tali'Zorah vas Neema's "Auntie Raan", formally known as Admiral Shala'Raan vas Tonbay, is one of the five quarians on the Migrant Fleet's Admiralty Board. She is in charge of the Patrol Fleet. A close friend of the Zorah family, Raan has the unenviable job of being the first to tell Tali that her father Rael'Zorah might have been killed aboard the Alarei should Tali answer the summons accusing her of treason. Raan recuses herself due to this connection, acting instead as an arbiter of the proceedings. In 2186, Raan acts as the quarian envoy aboard the Normandy SR-2 when the war against the Reapers begins involving the quarians and the geth. While she was undecided on the issue of going to war with the geth only a few months before, technological developments spurred her into voting to go ahead. She is now committed to reclaiming Rannoch from the synthetics and will accept any means to win, though she is also open (but wary) to the possibility of peaceful coexistence with the geth. more...

108 === Silver Coast Casino: Infiltration ===
Casino infiltration squad wear

Elijah Khan, owner of the Silver Coast Casino, has been identified by Liara T'Soni as a person of interest in the ongoing investigation of the identity theft and assassination attempts directed at Commander Shepard. In order to learn more, Shepard plus one of the squad must infiltrate a charity event hosted by Khan at the casino, mingling with high society guests and their idle chatter while discreetly disabling or avoiding the security measures Khan put in place for his protection. more...

109 === Atlas ===
Citadel archives - cat6 atlas

Originally developed by Cerberus, the Atlas is a large piloted walker mech capable of laying down large amounts of firepower in the battlefield. A rocket launcher and high-powered mass accelerator cannon is installed in its right arm while a grappling claw for close quarters combat is in its left. The Atlas is slow and a bit cumbersome to wield, but can more than compensate for its deficiencies by being a heavily armored weapon of mass destruction. more...

110 === Relay Monument ===
Citadel - avina & relay mon

The Relay Monument is an object on the Citadel Presidium purported to be a sculpture of Prothean origin. It has been in place even before the asari discovered the Citadel itself, and has been a popular topic of discussion among academics and scholars ever since. Keepers have been noted to ignore the monument despite their usual habit of reorganizing other peoples' properties without warning, and some biotics like Kaidan Alenko can hear some sort of hum about the object. more...

111 === Normandy: Serrice Ice Brandy ===

In 2185, Doctor Chakwas regrets never opening a bottle of Serrice Ice Brandy she had stashed onboard the SSV Normandy, and requests Commander Shepard to buy her another one should an opportunity present itself. If Shepard drinks with her after getting her one, Chakwas reminisces on her life choices and adventures serving in the Systems Alliance. She cannot hold her liquor compared to the cybernetic Commander and ends up passed out in her infirmary while the latter walks off with only temporary dizziness. The two make a promise to share a drink every year, and one year later she has learned not to match the Commander drink for drink if Shepard makes time for her. more...

112 === Toni ===
Paragon Lost Toni

Captain Toni is Lieutenant James Vega's former commanding officer back when he was stationed on Fehl Prime. If Commander Shepard spars with James aboard the Normandy in 2186, James talks a bit about Toni as he sees similarities between the Captain and the Spectre. Toni was, according to James, a "hard-assed son of a bitch" who was a good leader, and he died along with most of James' squad back on Fehl Prime trying to protect its colonists from invading Collectors in 2185. Toni was abducted along with most of the colony and although he managed to put up a token resistance aboard the Collector Ship he ultimately perished when James went after Collector intel instead of evacuating him and other surviving colonists to safety. more...

113 === The Overlord VI Hybrid ===
Overlord VI hybrid mugshot

The Overlord VI Hybrid was borne of Cerberus experiments to control the geth through an organic-synthetic interface. Autistic savant David Archer, brother to the project head Dr. Gavin Archer, was persuaded to meld his mind to a VI meant to be an "overlord" to the geth, but David's mind could not cope with the merger, causing the hybrid entity to go berserk, subsume all computer systems and mechs within reach, and kill anyone in its way. It has made repeated attempts to transmit itself into the extranet, potentially threatening all networked systems in the galaxy, and nothing short of Commander Shepard's interference or nuclear fire can stop this burgeoning menace. more...

114 === N7: Archeological Dig Site ===
Joab - Locke + goons

The Blue Suns mercenaries have taken over a dig site containing ancient tech on the planet Joab. The facility is guarded by a sizeable force of troopers and legionnaires as well as their on-site commanders. The site was discovered by an ExoGeni expedition whose lead researcher hired the mercenaries for transport and escort detail, but the Suns doublecrossed them upon learning that the artifacts were Prothean. more...

115 === Geth Prime ===
Priority rannoch - geth primes

Geth Primes are large infantry platforms the geth use in ground warfare. Primes are heavily armed and armored and often come with numerous electronic countermeasures, hence encountering even one on the battlefield poses a significant threat to the completion of mission objectives. Prior to the Reaper invasion in 2186, Geth Primes specialized in augmenting nearby geth troops and were equipped with radar-jamming capabilities. During the Reaper invasion itself, Primes have been redesigned both physically and in terms of focus on a more assault-oriented build. more...

116 === N7: Communication Hub ===
Ontarom facility

Cerberus has attacked a vital communications hub on the planet Ontarom. Admiral Hackett needs this facility retaken as all campaigns in that area depend on the information the array supplies. Cerberus are attempting to obtain access to Alliance operations protocols, and it is up to Commander Shepard to thwart them before more people get killed. Helping in the effort through comm link is tech Grace Sato, the only known survivor of the attack currently hiding out in a security office. Following mission success, James Vega can be overheard teasing shuttle pilot Steve Cortez about rescuing "damsels in distress." more...

117 === Combat (Mass Effect 3) ===
ME3 combat - shepard shotgun paunch

Combat in Mass Effect 3 has been streamlined compared to its predecessors, making for a more visceral and fast-paced experience during the onslaught of the Reaper invasion. Player characters can now sprint indefinitely without getting tired, context-sensitive combination actions have been added, and close quarters combat got a literally heavier punch in the form of heavy melee moves unique per class. Health has been segmented, where individual segments regenerate unless depleted, in which case medi-gel is required to replenish the lost segments. Player classes can now take any weapon combinations, efficiency with power synergy subject only to weight restrictions. Most of the systems in place affect not only the singleplayer mode but also the newly-introduced multiplayer component as well. more...

118 === N7: Abandoned Research Station ===
Jarrahe Research

Logs from the crashed merchant freighter MSV Corsica on Neith indicate that it last docked at Jarrahe Station on Strabo. If Shepard and crew follow up on this, they quickly find that the station also suffered a disastrous VI malfunction, resulting in an abandoned station strewn with numerous corpses. The station is devoid of enemies, but it does contain a modest amount of iridium and credits as well as the next link in the malfunctioning mechs investigation. more...

119 === Brood ===
Paragon Lost Brood

Brood is a Blood Pack krogan who is second in command of an invasion on Fehl Prime in 2183. Hot-tempered, tenacious, highly aggressive and a competent combatant as per the norms of his species, Brood nevertheless honors his deals as a warrior should. He isn't a total brute and has demonstrated technical aptitude as well as tactical acumen. Faced with the choice of running away from danger or the chance to fight it head-on and destroy it, Brood chooses the latter without question and regrets nothing, only wishing to die a warrior's death if it must happen. He does know how to prepare for contingencies despite his nature, but only if it involves weapons and the ability to cause more mayhem in the future. more...

120 === M-8 Avenger ===
ME3 Avenger Assault Rifle

The M-8 Avenger is an assault rifle fielded by numerous forces across the Milky Way and beyond. It is favored by military groups and mercenaries alike due to its reliability, ease of use, cheapness, durability, and upgrade possibilities. Some grizzled killers like Zaeed Massani owe their reputation to such a rifle, and even Commander Shepard fields the weapon more often than they thought - indeed, the Commander is almost always shown with the Avenger on critical mission events even if they brought a completely different arsenal entirely. more...

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