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1 ===Turians - Uneasy Allies===
A turian

The militaristic but highly disciplined turians are the newest members of the Citadel Council. After defeating the krogan during the 'Krogan Rebellions' by deploying the genophage, they have become galactic peacekeepers, but there are lingering tensions between turians and humans since the First Contact War. more...

2 ===Krogan - Fallen Saviours===
A krogan

The krogan are a species of large reptilian bipeds native to Tuchanka, a world known for its harsh environments and vicious predators. Once hailed as the saviors of the galaxy, the krogan are now a shadow of their former prominence after the turians unleashed the horrific genophage upon them. more...

3 ===Asari - Diplomats and Dancers===
Liara T'Soni, an asari

An all-female race, the asari are one of the most powerful and respected races in the galaxy. They were the first species after the Protheans to attain interstellar flight, discovering the Citadel and becoming a founding member of the Council. Unfortunately the natural sensuality of the asari has also lead to slanderous rumors and misinformation about them. more...

4 ===Commander Shepard===
Shepard's N7 logo

Lt. Commander Shepard is the main character of Mass Effect, a notable soldier and the first human Spectre. Shepard is the current commander of the SSV Normandy, an experimental starship, and works alongside a multi-species squad on a mission to track down Saren Arterius. more...

5 === Salarians - Benefactors or Manipulators?===
A salarian

The second species to join the Citadel, the salarians are warm blooded amphibians with a hyperactive metabolism; salarians think fast, talk fast, and move fast. Salarians excel as researchers and inventors, and their superb intelligence services mean few secrets are hidden from them. more...


6 ===Tali'Zorah nar Rayya===

A young quarian on her Pilgrimage -- a rite of passage into adulthood -- Tali'Zorah nar Rayya lends her impressive tech skills to aid Commander Shepard's fight against the geth, but is also searching the galaxy for a Pilgrimage gift she can present to the Migrant Fleet. more...

7 ===Systems Alliance===
Codex ME - Systems Alliance.png

The Systems Alliance is the representative government of humanity on the galactic stage. Formed from Earth's most powerful nations, the Alliance governs and defends human interests, but its rapid expansion and powerful military are viewed with suspicion by some alien races. more...

8 ===Geth - The Synthetic Horde===

The geth are a race of networked artificial intelligences that reside beyond the Perseus Veil. The geth were created nearly 300 years ago by the quarians as laborers and tools of war, but became sentient and rebelled against their masters. more...

9 === The SSV Normandy ===
The Normandy

A prototype starship, the SSV Normandy has a unique stealth system that allows her to travel the galaxy undetected. Co-designed by human and turian engineers, and piloted by Lt. Jeff "Joker" Moreau, she serves as Commander Shepard's mode of transportation and base of operations. more...

10 === Biotics ===
A biotic

Rare individuals exposed to element zero, biotics can unleash 'dark energy' on the battlefield to protect themselves or destroy enemies. While the Alliance is keen to recruit biotic soldiers, some biotics suffer severe health problems, or face prejudice from people who misunderstand them. more...


11 === The Citadel - Centre of Galactic Civilisation ===
The Citadel

The Citadel is a magnificent space station, constructed millennia ago in the heart of the Serpent Nebula. Heavily populated with diplomats and traders, it serves as the home of the Citadel Council, and is the cultural and political hub of the galaxy. more...

12 === Therum ===
Therum's surface

A distant mining world claimed by the Systems Alliance, Therum is not only rich in heavy metals, but also home to several Prothean ruins. Most of the ruins have been plundered by mining corporations, but a few are still unexplored. more...

13 === Spectres - Defenders of Galactic Peace ===
WA Spectre.png

Elite agents working for the Citadel, Spectres answer to no one but the Council in their mission to preserve galactic stability... by any means necessary. Spectres may be noble paragons of virtue, or ruthless operatives who kill anyone who stands in their way. more...

14 === Noveria - the corporate capital ===

A frozen world in the Pax system, Noveria is a privately-owned planet where corporations conduct research too dangerous or controversial to be handled elsewhere. Security on Noveria is tight: even Spectres have to tread lightly, as the companies there will protect their secrets at any cost. more...

15 === Feros - a planet-wide ruin===
The skyscrapers of Feros

Once a Prothean metropolis, now a crumbling ruin, Feros is the site of a new human colony sponsored by ExoGeni Corporation. But with the ancient skyscrapers already stripped by looters, and no real resources, the colonists on Feros are beginning to wonder: just what is ExoGeni hoping to find there? more...


16 ===Adept Guide===

The Adept is the ultimate biotic with amazing offensive and defensive talents. Make the most of these abilities with the Adept Guide. more...

17 ===Solcrum===

Solcrum is the largest moon of the planet Notanban, bombarded by massive radiation from its nearby star. On approach, the Normandy's sensors intercepted a coded transmission from the surface, which doesn't resemble any software coding language used by the Citadel races. more...

18 [edit]
19 === Assignment: Major Kyle ===

A former Alliance officer, Major Kyle, has become the outspoken leader of a biotic cult in the Century system. After the disappearance of two negotiators at Kyle's compound, Alliance Command needs Commander Shepard to investigate. more...

20 === Mass Relays ===
A mass relay

Thought to be relics of the ancient Protheans, mass relays enable starships to travel light years in seconds. The mass-effecting technology of the relays is the basis of modern galactic civilisation. After the Rachni Wars, carelessly exploring new relay routes was forbidden by the Citadel Council. more...


21 ===Planet Index===

Mass Effect is full of uncharted planets to explore, items to find and assignments to complete. Track them all down with Mass Effect Wiki's Planet Index. more...

22 === Eletania ===
Eletania - Prothean ruin.png

Eletania is a heavily toxic world, its atmosphere laden with microscopic creatures that can cause anaphylactic shock in non-native life. An Alliance data module was recently shot down over Eletania, but this planet also hides ancient Prothean mysteries at an unexplored ruin. more...

23 === Codex ===
Codex ME - Protheans.png

The in-game Codex has a wealth of background on Council races, battlefield upgrades, and hazardous lifeforms. Secondary entries include information on starship combat tactics, Prothean technology and concepts, and biotic sciences. more...

24 === Volus ===
Codex ME - Volus.png

A race from the high-pressure planet Irune, the volus must wear special suits at all times to simply survive enivronments that other species find comfortable. The volus excel in trade and commerce, but despite their long history on the Citadel, they have never been asked to join the Citadel Council. more...

25 === Elcor ===

The elcor originally evolved on a high gravity world, making them massive, slow-moving creatures with a conservative psychology. Because most species cannot pick up the subtle nuances of elcor speech, they often resort to announcing their emotions before speaking. more...


26 ===Klensal===
Klensal SLI.png

Klensal is a small, frozen world once mined by the Systems Alliance, on the word of batarian surveyors. When it was discovered the batarians had falsified their surveys to deceive human investors, many mining bases were abandoned, and later taken over by criminal gangs. more...

27 === Citadel: Scan the Keepers ===
Keeper Facing Left.jpg

A new medical scanner gives Commander Shepard the chance to learn more about the Citadel's mysterious keepers, at the risk of defying Citadel regulations... or getting caught in a feud over the keeper data. more...

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30 ===Timeline===
Codex ME - Citadel.png

The Mass Effect universe's timeline stretches from the origins of the most ancient spacefaring races, to the discovery of the Citadel, to humanity's expansion into the galaxy and up to the culmination of galaxy-shaping events in 2186 CE. more...


31 ===David Anderson===

A hero of the First Contact War, Anderson was the first human to be considered as a Spectre, until Saren Arterius made sure he lost his chance. Anderson later became captain of the SSV Normandy, but his career took a new path after the battle of the Citadel. more...

32 ===Donnel Udina===

A shrewd and pragmatic political operator, Donnel Udina was the second human Ambassador to represent the Systems Alliance in the Citadel. Udina was an ardent proponent of increasing humanity's status in the galactic community, and under his watchful eye, humanity achieved several momentous firsts. more...

33 ===Jacob Taylor===
Jacob Character Box.png

A veteran fighter with a knack for being in the right place at the right time, Jacob Taylor is above all else dedicated to protecting humanity. A former Alliance marine who later had a series of misadventures combating batarian extremists as a civilian, Taylor has most recently been seen in the employ of the rogue pro-human group Cerberus. more...

34 ===The Illusive Man===
ME2-Illusive Man-Headshot.jpg

A shadowy figure about whom next to nothing is known, the Illusive Man is truly an enigma. One of the few known facts about the Illusive Man is that he leads the shadowy pro-human group known as Cerberus. To some a terrorist, to others a hero willing to make the difficult decisions needed to advance humanity, for now, the Illusive Man's true agenda is known only to himself. more...

35 ===Batarians - Galactic Pariahs===
Codex ME - Batarians (after BDTS).png

Widely viewed as a race of common thugs and terrorists, batarians are not commonly seen in Citadel Space. Following a confrontation with the human Systems Alliance, the Batarian Hegemony withdrew from the Citadel and is now considered a rogue state. In the years since, the batarians, with their continuing support of pirates and slavers, have done nothing to dispel this image. more...


36 ===The Collectors===
Collectors Leader Character Shot.png

Believed by many to be nothing more than a myth, a story told to children to scare them into behaving, the Collectors are, in fact, very real. An enigmatic race from beyond the Omega-4 relay, the Collectors are seen only very rarely in Terminus space, and never within Citadel space. Little is known about them, and all attempts to learn more by following them through the Omega-4 relay have failed. What is known is that the name Collectors was not given lightly. The Collectors are very particular in their search for specimens, though they pay well for them. more...

37 ===Miranda Lawson===
Miranda Character Box.png

An enigmatic intelligence operative who is as deadly as she is beguiling, Miranda Lawson always has a keen grasp of whatever situation she finds herself involved with. An associate of Jacob Taylor, Lawson is a member of the shadowy pro-human group known as Cerberus. more...

38 ===The Migrant Fleet===
Migrant Fleet Tali Trailer.png

The closest thing the quarian race has to a home, the Migrant Fleet is a motley collection of nearly fifty thousand starships that roams the galaxy, never staying in one system too long. Home to approximately 17 million quarians, the fleet is engaged in a constant struggle to survive, forced to contend with a never-ending cycle of resource shortages and mechanical failures. more...

39 ===Normandy SR-2===
Mass Effect Normandy SR2.png

Constructed in secret by the rogue pro-human group known as Cerberus, the Normandy SR-2 is a powerful frigate that, while based in part on the design of the original SSV Normandy, is much improved. Larger, and with more formidable weaponry and defenses than the previous Normandy, the SR-2 has been painstakingly prepared by Cerberus to take part in a vital mission. more...

40 ===Mordin Solus===
Mordin Character Box.png

A brilliant salarian doctor and scientist with a somewhat shadowy background, Doctor Mordin Solus has a reputation as an altruist with an odd set of morals. Operating a clinic in the slums of Omega, Doctor Solus is rumored to be as likely to kill those he encounters as he is to treat them, a trait that hints at a darker past. more...


41 ===Thane Krios===
Thane Character Box.png

A notorious drell assassin, Thane Krios is said by many to be one of the most skilled assassins in the galaxy. Thane stands out from most of his peers in that he prefers to kill his targets up close. Thane also displays a strong spiritual side, being known to pray both for success before a mission, and for forgiveness afterward. more...

42 ===The Alliance Navy===
MassEffect 2008-08-13 12-37-22-09.png

The branch of the Systems Alliance military responsible for naval operations, the Alliance Navy is both one of the newest and one of the most formidable naval forces in Citadel space. The Alliance Navy also oversees the defense of colonial settlements through its subsidiary, the Alliance Marines. Comprised of ships of all sizes from dreadnoughts and carriers down to frigates, and ably led by battle-hardened commanders, the Alliance Navy is truly a force to be reckoned with. more...

43 ===Cerberus===
Codex Cerberus.png

A controversial group whose impact is far out of proportion to its size, Cerberus is by any definition a force to be reckoned with. Dedicated to empowering humanity by any means necessary, the men and women of Cerberus are utterly without remorse in pursuit of this goal. Their actions have led many to label Cerberus a terrorist group, though others, including their members, would argue that they are simply taking necessary steps to preserve humanity, and that history will vindicate them. more...

44 ===Blue Suns===
Vido Character Box.png

Originally a small human mercenary group founded in 2160, the Blue Suns have expanded rapidly to become one of the most feared, and sought-after, organizations in the galaxy. Headed by co-Executive Officers Vido Santiago and Solem Dal'serah, the Blue Suns operate primarily in the galaxy's more lawless regions, but they are more than willing to accept contracts in space controlled by Citadel races, even at times attacking government-run facilities. Employing members of many races, as well as a wide assortment of mechs, the Blue Suns are consummate professionals, and they charge accordingly. more...

45 ===Hanar===
Codex ME - Hanar.png

An invertebrate race from the ocean world of Kahje, the hanar are somewhat of a rarity, being one of the few non-bipedal Citadel races. Resembling the jellyfish of Earth, the hanar are actually an advanced race with a complex culture and society. Physically frail and generally unwilling to deal with other species, who are generally viewed as rude and uncouth, the hanar typically limit contact with outsiders to a few trade stations along their borders, and to specially trained individuals who have taken special courses to "unlearn" their own rigid mannerisms. Nevertheless, the hanar are often mentioned as potential candidates for Council membership. more...


46 ===Blood Pack===
Codex Blood Pack.png

Originally a small-time vorcha gang operating in the Terminus Systems, the Blood Pack has grown into one of the largest and most feared mercenary groups in the galaxy. The Blood Pack as it exists today is the product of krogan exile Ganar Wrang, who led the group as a pirate outfit for ten years before incorporating it as a "security company". The Blood Pack is banned from operating within Citadel space, but this has not prevented them from finding employ fighting in a string of conflicts across the galaxy. more...

47 ===Zaeed Massani===
Zaeed Zorya Renegade End.png

A name well known throughout the Terminus Systems, Zaeed Massani is regarded by many as the most feared bounty hunter in the galaxy. A hardened mercenary known for his ruthlessness and relentlessness, Zaeed is also known to have an explosive temper and the drive and determination to get dangerous missions done, no matter the cost. His services do not come cheap, but for those who can afford him, there is no better man for the job. more...

48 ===Dragon's Teeth===

Horrific implements of war used by the geth, Dragon's Teeth are devices featuring large retractable spikes which impale human corpses, as well as unfortunate prisoners of the geth, transforming them into husks. Dragon's Teeth appear intended to serve a dual role, producing expendable cannon fodder for the geth, as well as serving to demoralize enemy forces. In this capacity, the Dragon's Teeth are potent instruments of psychological warfare, as their design is reminiscent of ancient and brutal execution methods, and as they literally turn former friends and compatriots into mindless killers. more...

49 ===Okeer===

Doctor Okeer, also known as Warlord Okeer, is a brutal krogan warlord and scientist with literally milennia of combat experience. A veteran of the Krogan Rebellions, Okeer later turned to scientific endeavors, becoming obsessed with the genophage which ravaged his people. Okeer's zealous pursuit of his scientific goals led to his being shunned by his people, forcing the Doctor to rely on more unsavory sources to support his research. more...

50 ===Omega===
Omega 03.jpg

A massive space station deep in the heart of the lawless Terminus Systems, Omega has garnered a reputation totally at odds with its humble beginnings. Originally a Prothean mining outpost constructed to exploit rich deposits of element zero, over the centuries Omega has been transformed into a hub of lawlessness, home to drug traffickers, smugglers, slavers, and mercenaries. With no formal government or military, Omega is ruled by a myriad of powerful groups and individuals, and fighting over resources and territory is common. more...


51 ===Saren Arterius===
Virmire Saren Fueltank Full Shot Cropped.png

Two words exemplify Saren Arterius: brutal and efficient. An elite Spectre answering directly to the Citadel Council, Saren takes his duty to maintain peace in Citadel space by any means necessary very seriously, making liberal use of "any means necessary". Despite his brutality and reluctance to avoid bloodshed, Saren is regarded as the Council's top agent, tasked with the most critical of assignments. Though Saren is charged with defending all of Citadel space, he has made no effort to hide his disdain toward humanity, feeling that the newest of the Citadel races has advanced much too quickly and needs to learn its place. more...

52 ===Matriarch Benezia===
Matriarch Benezia boxshot.png

A wise and powerful leader among her people, the asari Matriarch Benezia commands not only centuries of experience, but also a sizeable following among the asari. A teacher of religion and philosophy, as well as a powerful biotic, Benezia has a reputation as a bit of a maverick, a reputation she embraces. Benezia has also made a name for herself among non-asari, serving as an executor for the turian Spectre Saren Arterius, ensuring his voice is heard on Noveria. Whether demonstrating her tremendous biotic abilities, leading her devoted followers, or supervising her investments in the corporate arena, Matriarch Benezia has proven she is a force to be reckoned with. more...

53 ===Aria T'Loak===
ME2 Aria.PNG

Though she is the first to acknowledge that Omega has no titled rulers, Aria T'Loak certainly occupies a position at the top of the proverbial food chain of the underworld space station. With a long history including stints as an asari commando and an exotic dancer, Aria draws upon a wealth of experience which, when coupled with her ruthlessness, intelligence, and boundless ambition, make her truly a force to be reckoned with. Since wresting control of one of Omega's most powerful outfits away from its former occupant, Aria has expanded her power base to the point that, while she does not control the station in its entirety, no other single faction can effectively challenge her. Cunning and unscrupulous, Aria truly lives up to her claim to be the personification of Omega. more...

54 ===Purgatory===
Galaxy Map - Purgatory.png

A massive ship which plies the space-lanes, traveling from planet to planet, the Purgatory is one of the most feared ships in the galaxy. Though minimally armed, Purgatory carries a cargo potentially more destructive than any weapon. Originally an agricultural transport, Purgatory was seized by the Blue Suns mercenary group and re-purposed into a maximum-security prison which ostensibly houses 4,350 of the galaxy's most dangerous prisoners, though independent sources estimate the ship actually holds three times this number of inmates. Purgatory, under the command of the notorious Warden Kuril, now travels the galaxy extorting governments for better prices on food, fuel, and repairs. Failure to oblige, or to pay for the continued cost of prisoner upkeep, and the Blue Suns will be forced to release the prisoners at an undisclosed place and time, for "humanitarian reasons". more...

55 ===Eclipse===
Codex ME2 - Eclipse.png

A galaxy-spanning mercenary corporation founded by a former asari commando, Eclipse has succeeded in carving out a respectable niche for itself in the field. Largely eschewing the turians, batarians, and krogan commonly found in competing groups such as the Blue Suns and Blood Pack, Eclipse consists primarily of asari, salarians, and humans. The group also makes heavy use of biotics and tech specialists, much more so than its major competitors. These differences serve to highlight Eclipse's unique approach to their chosen craft, emphasizing finesse and an "intelligent" approach to battle over brute force and raw firepower. Easily recognizable thanks to large corporate logos emblazoned on the armor of all their members, Eclipse has earned a reputation for efficiency, and a convenient lack of scruples, which allows it to secure top dollar contracts from the most discriminating of customers. more...


56 ===Protheans===

The Protheans are an extinct race of aliens who disappeared over 50,000 years ago, leaving behind no trace other than their tremendous works. The Protheans are the only known space-faring race from their era, and established an empire spanning the galaxy. This empire was centered around the massive Citadel space station, a station which continues to be used as the seat of galactic power to this day by the races which succeeded them, and their worlds and stations were linked by a network of Mass Relays which, like the Citadel, continue to be used by the spacefaring races of the galaxy. However, at the height of their power and despite all their wondrous achievements, the Protheans suddenly and mysteriously... vanished. Traces of them linger to this day, but the true fate of the Protheans remains a mystery. more...

57 ===The Citadel Council===
Council Hologram-Ambassador Meeting 2.png

The Citadel Council is the governing body of the Citadel. Representing the most powerful races in Citadel Space, the Council holds power disproportionate with their stated mandate. While the Council has no real power over the various governments of the Citadel races, the power wielded by their respective governments, combined with the general "don't rock the boat" mentality of the other races, gives the pronouncements of the Council great weight. No one Council race has the power to oppose the other two, and the nature of the races represented is conducive to compromise and cooperation. The Council originally consisted of two races, the centrist asari and the forward-thinking salarians. Following the Rachni Wars, the Council was expanded to include the more conservative turians. In recent years, there has been much talk of a new addition to the Council, with speculated likely candidates ranging from the hanar Illuminated Primacy to the human Systems Alliance. Whatever its future composition, the Citadel Council is sure to maintain its position of power and influence for years to come. more...

58 ===Jeff "Joker" Moreau===
Joker ME2 Character Shot.png

Systems Alliance Flight Lieutenant Jeff "Joker" Moreau is a study in contradiction. He is arguably the finest helmsman in the Alliance Navy, as evidenced by his assignment to the prototype stealth frigate Normandy. Yet Joker himself is physically frail, suffering from Vrolik Syndrome. He can take the Normandy through complex maneuvers with ease, yet struggles with tasks as mundane as making it to the lavatory. Even his moniker is a contradiction. The nickname "Joker" was bestowed upon him by an instructor in flight school due to his stoic nature. Joker maintains that this was because he was too focused on his training to waste time on jokes, and his jovial nature onboard the Normandy supports this. Joker now fully lives up to his nickname, and his genial nature is supplemented by an ample supply of confidence bordering on arrogance. For any ordinary helmsman, this would be a detriment. However, while Jeff Moreau is many things, he is certainly no ordinary helmsman. more...

59 ===Urdnot Wrex===
Wrex Character Box.png

A famed mercenary and bounty hunter, Urdnot Wrex is a krogan whose name is known far and wide. One of the few remaining Battlemasters, Wrex has a reputation for brutal efficiency. Tales of Wrex's exploits are told throughout the galaxy, with his name being known even among the quarians of the Migrant Flotilla. As such, Wrex commands top dollar, and is sought out by such discerning individuals as the Shadow Broker and Saren Arterius. However, this was not always the case. In his youth, Wrex made a name for himself among his clan for skill in battle, eventually rising to lead one of the smaller Urdnot tribes. During his tenure as clan leader, Wrex earned a reputation as a forward thinker, being more concerned with the survival of the krogan species than with the petty squabbles and infighting that plagued his people. Unfortunately, these views did not make Wrex popular among the other clans, and he was forced to leave Tuchanka. However, the skills he acquired there serve him well in his current vocation, and, though embittered by his experiences, Wrex still holds out hope for his people. more...

60 ===Vorcha===
Codex Vorcha.png

A short-lived species commonly regarded as vermin, the vorcha have done little to dispel this image. Hailing from an obscure and unappealing planet, the vorcha have adapted to overcome, in myriad ways. Vorcha biology is unique in that they possess non-differentiated cells, which affords individual vorcha the ability to rapidly adapt and regenerate. For example, a vorcha placed into a high-gravity environment will develop a stronger heart and leg muscles to better suit their environment. The unpleasant vorcha homeworld has also resulted in a tight-knit, clannish society in which rival clans war for resources almost constantly. This emphasis on fighting has been taken to extreme levels, with combat on both the individual and group levels being the default form of communication among the vorcha. While the vorcha themselves have never attained the necessary level of technology to achieve space travel, their world has been visited by numerous ships, on which vorcha routinely stow away. Out in the wider galaxy, they routinely find employment among mercenary groups and other unsavory elements who place a high value on the vorcha's inherent aggression, large numbers, and rapid healing ability. more...


61 ===Keepers===
Keeper at the Embassies.PNG

An enigmatic bio-engineered race, the keepers are the caretakers of the Citadel space station. An insectoid race found only on the Citadel, the keepers have remained largely a mystery to the Citadel races. No one knows their true origins, as they were already present on the Citadel when it was first discovered by the asari. Once other races began arriving, the keepers sprang into action, doing everything in their power to assist the new races in utilizing the Citadel. This behavior has led most to theorize that the keepers were created by the Protheans to assist in running the station. Attempts to learn more, however, have been stymied by the keepers themselves. Scans have revealed nothing, and any attempts to capture keepers or interfere with their activities have resulted in the creatures self-destructing, dissolving into puddles of proteins and minerals. Even the exact numbers and method of reproduction of the keepers remains a mystery. All anyone knows is that, should one keeper die or be killed, another always appears to take its place. more...

62 ===First Contact War===
Codex ME - First Contact War.png

In 2149, human scientists discovered that the moon of Charon was actually an inert mass relay. Once the relay was reactivated, humans were soon traveling the stars. In 2157, humanity made first contact with an alien race. The result was the First Contact War between humanity and the turians. A small human scout fleet was detected by the turians attempting to activate an inactive relay. The turians, recalling the events that led to the Rachni Wars, opened fire on the human ships, destroying most of them. One was able to flee back to the colony of Shanxi to summon reinforcements. This tragic turn of events precipitated a short but vicious conflict between the two species which took place mostly on and above the planet Shanxi. The turians made the mistake of underestimating the tenacity and resourcefulness of their human foes, to their chagrin, and soon ordered a full mobilization. Fortunately, this attracted the attention of the other races, and the First Contact War was brought to a close. While the war was ended quickly, and with relatively little loss of life, and despite the fact that humans and turians are now allies, tensions, and in some cases outright hostility, still linger between the two races. more...

63 ===Citadel Security Services===
C-sec Office.png

The Citadel Security Service, also known as C-Sec, are a volunteer police force entrusted with enforcing the laws of the Citadel. C-Sec answers directly to the Citadel Council, doing so through its head, known as an Executor, who liaises with the Citadel directly. The creation of C-Sec was first proposed by the turians, who remain heavily involved in the force to this day. Over half of C-Sec's 200,000 constables are turians, with humans, salarians, and asari also being heavily involved. In order to join C-Sec, an applicant must be sponsored by a member of the Citadel Council or an ambassador from a Council or Associate race. Military or police service prior to applying is recommended, but not mandated. Following training at the C-Sec Academy, located in the Lower Wards. Upon graduation, C-Sec officers are posted to one of several C-Sec divisions: Enforcement, Investigation, Customs, Network, Special Response, or Patrol. While C-Sec is a well-regarded and respected institution with a long history of serving the Council, it does not enjoy such warm relations with all elements of the Citadel framework. C-Sec and the Spectres exhibit a fair degree of mutual distrust and resentment despite their common goals, due to their conflicting methodologies. more...

64 ===ExoGeni Corporation===
ExoGeni Feros Tower.png

A company at the forefront of galactic expansion, ExoGeni Corporation is one of the driving forces behind exploration and colonization of uninhabited planets. ExoGeni Corporation is heavily involved in colonization, having funded the establishment of several human colony worlds. It does so in hopes of furthering exploration, with the end goal of finding new resources or alien technologies which may prove profitable. As such, ExoGeni Corporation tends to favor worlds with a history of alien settlement, particularly worlds that were once home to the Protheans. One example of this is the colony of Zhu's Hope, established by ExoGeni on Feros, a world covered in decaying Prothean ruins, to serve as a port and initial base of operations. Colonization has progressed at a steady pace on Feros, with ExoGeni moving into many of the Prothean structures. ExoGeni is also active in resource extraction, holding resource rights to many otherwise unremarkable worlds in the hopes of uncovering new deposits, either of minerals or technology. In addition to these projects, ExoGeni also undertakes terraforming work, starship resupply, and security operations. more...

65 ===Drell===

A race not often seen in Citadel space, the drell are a reptile-like species from the world of Rakhana. The drell developed in a manner similar to that of most other species, until disaster struck. The drell, in the middle of a period of industrial development, overburdened their already arid world. The breakneck pace of drell development, coupled with a population boom, seemed sure to doom the drell to extinction. Fortunately, at around this time, the drell made first contact with the hanar. The hanar, taking pity on the drell, transported hundreds of thousands of drell to their homeworld, Kahje. There the transplanted drell, in a show of gratitude towards their saviors, began serving the hanar in a myriad of capacities, assisting the more fragile hanar with arduous tasks. These drell have successfully been integrated fully into hanar society, though not without cost. Long term exposure to humid climates, such as that on Kahje, induces a fatal degenerative disorder known as Kepral's Syndrome, which is the leading cause of death among the drell of Kahje. This fate, however, is generally considered preferable to being stranded on Rakhana. more...


66 ===Reaper===
Codex ME - Sovereign.png

Something of an enigma on the galactic scale, the entities known as Reapers represent a vast unknown. It cannot even be stated with certainty if Reapers actually exist. To most of the galaxy, Reapers are nothing more than apocryphal "boogeymen", existing solely in stories intended to frighten. Tales are told of mythical space monsters which consume entire stars, though these are dispelled as common religious imagery common to many species. In this view, the Reapers are nothing more than another manifestation of demonic beings sent to torment hapless individuals and peoples. There are, however, a number of individuals, principally archaeologists operating along the fringes of their community, who hold a much more astonishing theory, that Reapers, far from being a myth, may actually be a race of beings responsible for sowing chaos and destruction on an almost unimaginable scale. As a whole though, these theories are widely disregarded, with many, including the Citadel Council, completely disregarding the notion. more...

67 ===Morinth===

A dangerous asari criminal and fugitive from justice, relatively little is known of the individual known as "Morinth". What is known is that she is incredibly dangerous, and frustratingly elusive. Morinth is a serial killer who leaves a trail of victims in her wake. What makes her stand out is the manner in which she kills her prey. Morinth is an Ardat-Yakshi, an asari born with a rare genetic disorder which affects her nervous system. Where most asari harmlessly meld with their partners during mating, resulting in no damage to either party, the nervous system of an Ardat-Yakshi overwhelms that of her partner, causing death. This process also leaves the Ardat-Yakshi smarter and stronger than she was before, and is highly addictive. As an Ardat-Yakshi, Morinth was offered the choice of isolation from society or execution. She chose to run. Since then, Morinth has traveled the galaxy, leaving death and despair in her wake, and doggedly pursued by the asari Justicar Samara. Most recently, Morinth has been rumored to be active in the lawless Terminus Systems. more...

68 ===Rachni===
Codex ME - Rachni.png

The rachni are an extinct race that once posed a dire threat to the entire known galaxy. The rachni were a race of space-faring insects with a hive-mind intelligence, the only such species encountered before or since. At the beginning of humanity's Common Era, explorers venturing through a mass relay into an unknown system encountered the rachni, who responded to this first contact by launching a devastating war. Attempts to negotiate were in vain, as the hive guiding the actions of the species was located far beneath the surface of the toxic rachni homeworld. After decades of brutal conflict, the Citadel races unleashed the krogan upon the rachni, with devastating results. The krogan proved capable of taking the fight to the rachni where they lived, and when the rachni refused to surrender, the krogan drove them to extinction. Ever since, the rachni have served as a cautionary tale about the dangers of activating dormant mass relays, and the Citadel has put stringent policies in place to prohibit such actions. more...

69 ===Thresher Maws===
Thresher Maw ME2.png

Thresher Maws are large, violent and exceedingly dangerous predators found on numerous worlds. These beasts live beneath the surface in subterranean tunnels, emerging to strike at unsuspecting prey. Their entire lives are spent feeding or searching for more food to satiate their ravenous appetites. Thresher Maws are massive creatures, capable of growing to lengths in excess of 90 meters, of which only a third is seen above ground during attacks. They have been spread to numerous planets by hapless travelers, and reproduce via spores which can lie dormant for millenia and are capable of surviving the harsh conditions of deep space and of atmospheric reentry. Thresher Maws are taken very seriously, and with good reason. In 2177, the newly founded Systems Alliance colony of Akuze went dark. A force of marines was dispatched to ascertain the cause. They discovered that the pioneer team had been killed by Thresher Maws. These same Maws then attacked the marines, killing nearly the entire party. more...

70 ===UT-47 Kodiak Drop Shuttle===
ME2 Cerberus Kodiak Shuttle.png

Capable of planetary flight and limited FTL travel, the UT-47 Kodiak Drop Shuttle is used by military and civilian organizations throughout the galaxy. Nicknamed the "Combat Cockroach," the Kodiak drop shuttle can carry a total of 14 people. Normally incapable of flight, the UT-47 has a large element zero core that counters its mass. The shuttle was tested in the atmosphere of Venus, to ensure that it can land in potentially dangerous environments, such as hard vacuum and in extreme temperatures. It uses advanced environmental sealant technology, which minimizes exposure of vulnerable parts to the elements. While the standard UT-47 is unarmed, one variant of the shuttle, known as the UT-47A, is equipped with a pair of front-mounted mass accelerator cannons for antivehicular combat. Flying a UT-47A during combat is, however, extremely challenging, as the pilot must manage the vehicle's speed and handling, while maintaining enough mass to resist enemy fire and hazardous weather. more...


71 ===Pinnacle Station===
Pinnacle station command center.png

Pinnacle Station was once a turian command center for covert operations during the Krogan Rebellions, built inside of an asteroid. Now it is the most advanced training facility in the galaxy, utilized by the finest special operations teams in service to the Citadel Council. It features a sophisticated combat simulator, which is designed to train soldiers for a variety of combat scenarios. This simulator uses kinetic fields to non-lethally replicate weapon damage, as well as to realistically recreate hazardous environments, and uses hologram projectors to simulate enemies. Soldiers on Pinnacle Station earn a score based on their performance in the simulator, and often compete to see who holds the top spot among the galaxy's elite. more...

72 ===Indoctrination===
Virmire indoctrinated salarians 3.png

Indoctrination is a form of mind control. It overpowers and reprograms organic minds through physical and psychological conditioning using electromagnetic fields, infrasonic and ultrasonic noise, and other methods. Organics undergoing indoctrination may complain of headaches, paranoia, and hallucinations. The victim will eventually hear "alien" voices that can manipulate them into betraying their friends or trusting their enemies. Victims of indoctrination have described these voices as subtle whispers which compel them to act against their will. People with immense mental strength can resist indoctrination, but only for a time. This resistance leaves the victim trapped in their own mind, forced to look on as they commit atrocity after atrocity at the voices' request. Indoctrination poses a great threat to the galaxy, with some claiming it may be more dangerous than a krogan army. If a galactic leader were to succumb to indoctrination, the resulting chaos could bring down entire societies. more...

73 ===Mars===

The fourth planet of the Sol system, Mars remains a desolate, inhospitable world even after decades of colonization efforts that began in 2103 CE with the founding of Lowell City by the European Space Agency. During the early years of settlement, satellites near the Promethei Planum began detecting unusual magnetic field shifts, lending the region a reputation as Mars's Bermuda Triangle. It was not until 2148 that the source of this strange phenomenon was identified by a prospecting team exploring near the Deseado Crater: the subterranean ruins of a lost alien civilization, the Protheans. This monumental find resulted in technological breakthroughs that allowed humanity to develop FTL drives and mass effect technology, and also led to the discovery of the Charon mass relay. Despite the central role of Mars in furthering human space exploration and contact with the rest of the galaxy, the planet has since become a quiet, unremarkable backwater. Immigration and development are restricted as xenoarchaeologists continue the search for new Prothean artifacts, diverting potential colonists to garden worlds such as Eden Prime and Terra Nova. more...

74 ===Steven Hackett===
Steven Hackett

Admiral Steven Hackett is a top-ranking Systems Alliance military official. Born in the Earth city of Buenos Aires in 2134 CE, Hackett was placed in the Advanced Training Academy for Juveniles following the death of his mother in 2146, where he quickly exhibited a remarkable proficiency in the fields of science and leadership. He enlisted with the Systems Alliance military in 2152, volunteered for high-risk extrasolar colonization missions for the next four years, and fought in the First Contact War of 2157. From there, Hackett's rise through the ranks was meteoric; by 2183 he was an influential admiral and commanding officer of the Alliance's Fifth Fleet, as well as one of the officials who recommended Commander Shepard for Council Spectre status. During the pivotal Battle of the Citadel, Hackett led the Fifth Fleet against rogue Spectre Saren Arterius's geth army and the Reaper Sovereign. Following Sovereign's defeat, Hackett's legend was cemented as he was promoted to head of the Systems Alliance military. more...

75 ===M-7 Lancer===
M-7 Lancer

The M-7 Lancer is an assault rifle manufactured by Hahne-Kedar that features a built-in heat dispersal system and automatic fire. Introduced to Systems Alliance troops during the First Contact War of 2157 CE, the Lancer earned a reputation as a finely-crafted, reliable weapon that could also pack a punch, and remained a staple in the Alliance military as late as 2183. By 2186, however, the Lancer was largely replaced as the Alliance soldier's standard weapon by the M-8 Avenger and N7 Valkyrie, similar assault rifle models that incorporated modern innovations such as interchangeable thermal clips and higher-velocity rounds. Nonetheless, weapon collectors continue to hold the increasingly rare Lancer in high esteem. An unknown master weaponsmith refurbished one Lancer which was stored within the Citadel Archives before being recovered by Commander Shepard. more...

76 ===Menae===

Menae is the largest of two moons orbiting the turian homeworld of Palaven. At the dawn of the turian space age, Menae was placed under the jurisdiction of the Turian Hierarchy military soon after the turians completed their first manned mission there, immediately halting civilian research and exploration. Menae became even more shrouded in secrecy during the Krogan Rebellions. Fearing a krogan attempt to crash Menae and its sister moon Nanus into Palaven's surface, the Hierarchy classified all data on Menae, including its exact mass, diameter, and geological composition. Over time, Menae has been shaped into a significant turian military stronghold. Leaked information has revealed tantalizing hints of naval bases, outposts for infantry extreme survival training, subterranean tunnel networks, and mass effect field generators to trap heat and breathable atmosphere over patches of the moon's otherwise inhospitable surface. Meanwhile, speculation about Menae's allegedly vast reserves of rare mineral resources has tenaciously embedded itself in turian popular culture. more...

77 ===James Vega===
James Vega Character Box.png

James Vega is a Systems Alliance Marine and special forces operative. Born in California in the United North American States on Earth, Vega joined the Alliance military in 2176 CE with the encouragement of his uncle, Emilio Vega. By 2183, Vega was serving in Delta Squad, an elite Alliance special forces unit. That year, Vega and Delta Squad were deployed to the strategic colony of Fehl Prime to repel invading Blood Pack mercenaries. Despite heavy Alliance casualties, Vega rallies the survivors and they defeat the Blood Pack. During the Collector attack on the colony two years later, Vega makes a decision that defines his career and haunts him long afterwards: having to choose between saving an asari archaeologist with vital intel on the Collectors or Fehl Prime's colonists, Vega rescued the asari and left the colonists to die. The Alliance commended Vega for his actions, even though the intel the asari provided was rendered moot when Commander Shepard ended the Collector threat entirely. In 2186, Vega's accomplishments brought him to the attention of Admiral David Anderson, who recruited him to guard a high-priority prisoner: Commander Shepard. Vega and Shepard built a camaraderie over the next six months, and when the Reapers arrived to harvest the galaxy, Vega became a member of Shepard's team. more...

78 ===N7===
N7 Logo.png

N7 is a vocational code in the Systems Alliance military. The "N" designates special forces and the "7" refers to the highest level of proficiency. It applies to Alliance marines who have graduated from the legendary Interplanetary Combatives Training (ICT) program at the Vila Militar in Rio de Janiero on Earth, and is the only ICT designation that may be worn on field or dress uniforms. The ICT program recruits officers from every branch of Earth's militaries to participate in formidable training courses. Satisfactory performance earns an internal designation of N1 and an invitation to return for additional training. Subsequent courses - N2 through N6 - are often held off-planet and include instruction in zero-G combat, military free-fall (parachuting), jetpack flight, combat diving, combat instruction, linguistics, and frontline trauma care for human and alien biology. The highest grade of training, N6, provides actual combat experience in combat zones throughout the galaxy. If trainees survive these scenarios in "admirable and effective fashion," they finally receive the coveted N7 designation. Even if a trainee fails an ICT course, the universal prestige of merely attending the program elevates an officer to a position of respect among his or her peers. Known graduates of the ICT program include Admiral David Anderson and Commander Shepard. more...

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