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Introductory information about the issue goes here. Details about it from a real-world/production point of view.

Release Information[edit source]

All releases to date have these basic items. If they're not on the publisher's pre-release promotional material, they can be seen on the issue's dedicated credits page. If they are on the publisher's promotional material, they must be referenced.

  • Publication Date:
  • Tagline:
  • Writer:
  • Artist:
  • Colorist:
  • Cover Artist:

Publisher's Summary[edit source]

Verbatim blurb from the comic's publisher.

Story[edit source]

A summary of the story presented in the issue. Items only tangentially related to the overarching story ideally should be relegated to their own articles.

This section is to be integrated into the Storyline articles by way of DPL markup in roughly chronological order. See the following format:

{{ #dpl:
 | title = Mass Effect: Foundation 1
 | include = #Story
 | includematch = {0}
 | includetrim = 1
 | allowcachedresults = true

References[edit source]

Reference links go here. Information obtained elsewhere on the internet must be sourced adequately and legitimately as per sourcing guidelines.

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