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Stores in Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3 hold fixed items with fixed prices. The usage of the {{Store}} and {{StoreItem}} templates is made when listing store items on relevant pages.

The StoreItem template is used inside of the Store templates for every item available from the store:

| image = [[File:Sirtafoundation.png|center|350px]]
| {{StoreItem | Medi-Gel Capacity | 30,000 / 25,000 }}
{{StoreItem | [[N7 Armor#Legs|Life Support Webbing]] | 8,000 / 6,667}}}}

Will output (on the right):

Inventory Item Price / Discounted
Medi-Gel Capacity 30,000 / 25,000
Life Support Webbing 8,000 / 6,667

The Store template uses the following parameters:

| image = Full image tag
| 1     = X number of StoreItem template calls

The StoreItem template uses the following parameters:

| 1 = Item name
| 2 = Item price in the form of:
      'full price / discount price'

Put a preface about the store after setting up the template.


In the interest of reducing redundancy, only verbatim texts from the following items are allowed:

  • Quest items not picked up during missions (Reaper code fragments, etc.)
  • Unique items native to the shop (Collected Tennyson, Peruvian Whiskey, etc.)
  • Miscellaneous items not relevant to combat but not fish or fish-related items like the Aquarium VI (Model Ships, items for the Personal Apartment, etc.)

Here are a couple of examples.

Model Alliance Kodiak

A scale model of the Alliance Kodiak Shuttle.

Reaper Code Fragment

Asari war strategists have encountered difficulty predicting Reaper movements due to poor understanding of Reaper thought processes. A scavenger is willing to sell a Reaper processor that he discovered among the debris from Sovereign's attack on the Citadel several years ago. This intel could dramatically improve the efforts of asari forces.

TM88 - Peruvian Whiskey

Tasty yet Medicinal -- The Perfect Gift

Smooth and smoky with a hint of heat, each sip of TM88 has a story to tell, and each glass has a story to inspire.

TM88 isn't one of the Earth's top-selling beverage exports for nothing. Known for having both a calming influence and the ability to stimulate blood flow, TM88 is the only alcoholic drink endorsed by the Medical Board of Sur'Kesh.

The price for TM88 includes deposit. Please recycle.


This section describes how to obtain store-specific discounts. Omit if not applicable.


  • Omit if empty.

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