An introductory paragraph describing the general characteristics of the race and noting specific significant details, i.e. homeworld, status in relation to the Citadel Council, etc.

Note: Not all races will have information to cover each of these sections. Where no information about a topic is available or the only available information is purely speculative, leave that topic out.

Biology/Design[edit source]

Information about the biological characteristics (physical appearance, lifespan, etc.) of organic races (see Asari, Human).
For synthetic races (see Geth, Reaper), this section is titled "Design" and covers information about their physical structure and functionality.

Subtypes[edit source]

For some races (see Rachni, Geth), there are various subtypes of the main species. List and explain these subtypes here.

History[edit source]

A summary of major historical events that the race was involved in (early history, first contact events, when the race gained spacefaring capability, wars and crises that affect the entire race, etc.). These events can be divided into subsections in this section.

Culture[edit source]

Information detailing cultural characteristics of a race (mindset/psychology, traditions, beliefs, social norms, holidays, etc.). This information can be divided into the following subsections, or other subsections as appropriate.

Economy[edit source]

Specific information about a race's economic practices in relation to the galaxy (see Asari), if available.

Religion[edit source]

Specific information about a race's religious beliefs (see Asari), if available.

Psychology[edit source]

Specific information about how a race thinks and perceives the universe (see Geth), if available.

Language[edit source]

Specific information about a race's language(s) and what certain words in that language mean (see Quarian), if available.

Government[edit source]

Information about the governing body (Systems Alliance, Asari Republics, etc.) that the majority of members of a race are affiliated with.

Law[edit source]

Specific information about laws and the legal structure of a race (see Quarian), if available.

Galactic Relations[edit source]

The relationships this government has with the rest of the galaxy (see Human), if available.

Military[edit source]

Information about a race's general military structure and capabilities.

Notable _______[edit source]

A list of the most notable members of a race that appear in Mass Effect media.
On Keeper, this has been substituted by a list of keeper locations on the Citadel in Mass Effect.

_______ Worlds[edit source]

A list of planets claimed and/or inhabited by members of a race. The race's homeworld should be listed first, if known, followed by an alphabetical list of all other planets.
With races who have lost their worlds or have gone extinct (see Quarian, Prothean), this section should be titled "Former ______ Worlds" and list those worlds that the race formerly inhabited.

Trivia[edit source]

A list of interesting facts about a race.

References[edit source]

A list of any necessary sources for the above information.
All race articles should be concluded by the following template:
{{Races footer}}

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