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This page provides general guidelines for how to handle remakes, remasters, rereleases, etc. of existing titles.

Generally speaking, because a remake is bound to have a great deal of overlap with the corresponding original game, the two should be documented in parallel as far as possible. This means the remaster content doesn't merely replace the existing content, but both versions should in principle remain documented side-by-side.

Depending on the extent, changes can typically be covered in any of the following ways:

  1. Change in lore: The information from the remake can be added as such.
  2. Minor change in gameplay article: Note inline using the remake-specific highlight template, such as {{Note LE}}.
  3. Extensive changes: Treat the remake as a separate game. Organize the remake information under separate sections or pages.

For more detail, see the sections below.

Note on terminology: When referring to the original version of a game, use the term "original". Avoid expressions like "vanilla" and "base game", as these carry connotations of modding or add-ons, which are not ideal for expressing the relationship between a game and its separate re-release.


Inline notes

In gameplay articles, inline notes can be used to mark minor changes to stats, rewards, mechanics, and so on. Walkthrough information for missions that are largely similar is not duplicated, but slight deviations are covered where they occur.

Use the remake-specific note template to highlight the deviation. After the first use in the page, the note can be shortened to an abbreviation. For example:

Interact with the datapad to earn 750 credits (Legendary Edition: 950 credits).

Proceed to the next room, where you will need to take down a total of twenty-five LOKI and three YMIR mechs.

  • LE: Only fifteen LOKI mechs spawn.

Separate sections and pages

For lore articles and changes too big for inline notes, the remake-specific information is added as a subsection to the relevant game section.


Concept spanning multiple games:

 == Mass Effect 2 ==
 === Legendary Edition ===
 == Mass Effect 3 ==
 === Legendary Edition ===
 == Mass Effect: Andromeda ==

Talent article with significant changes to the Ability it provides (subsections duplicated):

 == Talent Levels ==
 == Ability ==
 === Ability ===
 === Advanced Ability ===
 === Master Ability ===
 == Ability (Legendary Edition) ==
 === Ability ===
 === Advanced Ability ===
 === Master Ability ===
 == Specialization ==
 == Classes ==

Note: There could be numerous pre-existing links that point to specific sections (e.g. [[Talent#Ability]]), so in order to keep links intact, existing section headings should not be altered. Remake data should generally be added under new, uniquely named sections.

If the differences are substantial enough that contrasting the new edition with the old within the same page is not feasible, a separate page dedicated to the remake can be created. This is handled like any other split for articles that cover the same subject across multiple games.

See also: Mass Effect Wiki:Manual of Style#Splitting Articles Along Game Lines


Bug entries are appended with a note in case they are fixed in the remake.

If a new bug is introduced or a bug from the original appears to remain, the usual bug confirmation rules apply.

Lore changes

Pages and sections written from an in-universe perspective should merely be updated with the information from the remake. Note discrepancies between releases in the trivia section.

  • Cut content – As with other cut content restored by official means, content reintroduced by remakes is considered canon from a lore perspective.
  • Altered content – Because the impact of altered content can vary, such instances may require handling case-by-case if disputes arise. If the alteration is not considered a bug fix, the two versions of the content may be displayed side-by-side, or using a solution tailored to the case at hand.

Spelling errors

On the Mass Effect Wiki, spelling errors in content that is copied verbatim are tagged with "[sic]" to indicate that the transcriber is aware of the error (see {{sic}}).

  1. If an error is present in the remake, the [sic] tag should be used regardless of whether the error was present in the original game or not. The specific circumstances can be noted in the trivia section.
  2. If an error is present in the original but not the remake, the [sic] tag can be removed and the mention of the error in the original version moved to trivia.
See also: Mass Effect Wiki:Manual of Style#.5BSic.5B Tags


The primary focus should be on adding new, unique files from the remastered title rather than replacing existing ones from the original title. If the subject of an image – such as an enemy unit – looks significantly different in the remake, the new image should be uploaded separately with a new filename rather than as a new version of the original file/filename.

If the subject of the image is similar, replacement rules regarding quality still apply: A file should not be replaced with a similar file of lower quality, regardless of which version it is sourced from.

See also: MEW:Files Guideline

Summary subpage

An overview of general updates, such as performance enhancements and visual improvements, may be covered in a dedicated subpage. To avoid duplicating information across the wiki, this subpage should only contain information that is too general for more specific articles, such as guides, walkthroughs, and equipment pages. Well-organized links to major changes covered elsewhere are permitted.

The page takes the following title:

<game title>/Changes from the Original <corresponding title>

and has the following layout:

<subpage title>
An introduction in prose form which outlines the central changes and the purpose of the subpage.

== Overall Changes ==
A summary of general changes, such as updates to the UI as well as technical specifications.

=== <category of change> ===
Create a level 2 heading for each aspect that has undergone major changes and warrants its own section.

== <game> ==
If the remake spans multiple pre-existing games, create subsections for changes per title as needed.

Avoid repeating patch note–like expressions throughout the entries, such as now, has been (updated to), or is no longer. The entire purpose of the page is to contrast the two releases and list differences, so it is understood that each listed item separates it from the original version.


  • Not recommended: "Unlike in the original counterpart, the Mako can now move while being repaired."
  • Recommended: "The Mako can move while being repaired."

Direct comparison is acceptable where useful, however:

  • Not recommended: "Inventory capacity in the Legendary Edition has been doubled to 300 from the previous 150, with the warning for reaching full capacity now appearing with 50 slots remaining, rather than 10."
  • Recommended: "Inventory capacity is doubled from 150 to 300, with the warning for reaching full capacity appearing with 50 slots remaining, rather than 10."