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User:Silverstrike/Sandbox/Shop I have been working on a summary window for articles of shops. The code to call the result (on the right) is:

|Kenn's Salvage
|image     = Terminus_Systems_Codex_Image.jpg
|caption   = Kenn's Salvage shop on [[Omega]]
|width     = 250px
|inventory = Heavy Weapon Ammo:30000\Nashan Stellar Dynamics T6-FBA Couplings:500\Heavy Skin Weave:90000\Shotgun Damage:60000

A few notes about the template:

  • The calculation for the discount in automatically rendered - I have yet to check the results (and they do need some more work for accuracy). Is this something that is wanted, or should I let the authors add the discount themselves?
  • One parameter for all the items. Each item is separated by forward-slash and uses the colon to separate between item name and its value. Is this method more preferable to using multiple parameters?
  • The template has 10 slots for items to be declared, when less then ten items are used an excessive space is created (working on removing this space).

--silverstrike 20:14, February 15, 2010 (UTC)