Location: Milky WayArmstrong NebulaHong System Third planet

Description Edit

Matar is a terrestrial planet with a thick atmosphere composed of nitrogen and krypton. Its frigid surface is mainly composed of sodium oxide with deposits of copper. Because of noxious surface gases, explorers are warned to use extreme caution.

Matar lacks a magnetic field. This makes it useless for discharging FTL drive cores in orbit. The energetic particles of solar wind from Hong strike the upper atmosphere directly, ionizing the krypton. This gives the planet its distinctive "minty" green-white hue.

Survey Text Edit

“Scans of Matar revealed debris from a destroyed asari freighter. Further scans uncovered a body, which was brought on board. Doctor Chakwas examined it, but learned nothing about its origins. Among the asari's personal effects, however, was one of Matriarch Dilinaga's writings.”

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