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Matriarch Benezia is a very powerful asari biotic and spiritual leader among her people, but Shepard finds her working alongside Saren Arterius, leading to a deadly confrontation on Noveria.

Mass Effect Edit

Benezia is found in a secure lab deep within Noveria's Peak 15. Small talk between her and Shepard's team is exchanged, but ultimately unfruitful as it quickly devolves into a firefight. Benezia places the whole squad in temporary stasis while her commandos move into position.

The tactic fails, with Shepard and team breaking out and defeating the commandos, but the Matriarch sends in a couple more commandos and geth troops in an attempt to bring the Commander down. It still doesn't work, and Matriarch Benezia soon succumbs to the might of the squad.

As Benezia slumps to the floor, the reason for her presence on Noveria becomes apparent: she is standing next to an imprisoned Rachni Queen, having probed the creature for information critical to Saren's plans.

Tactics Edit

  • While dealing with the Commandos and geth that Benezia summons, move to the right side of the room so that you'll be out of Benezia's line of fire while dealing with three waves of enemies. Once all the enemies are down, a cut scene and conversation will begin, after which you'll be point-blank with Benezia with several Commandos coming in to assist her.
  • Immediately hit Benezia with Lift or Neural Shock - otherwise you'll get a faceful of biotics and gunfire. Hit her with everything you've got and above all don't let her stand up. Throw works just as well.
  • Hammerhead or Sledgehammer rounds (especially when used with a shotgun) are particularly effective at keeping her off balance. Quickly dispatching her leaves you with only three Commandos to finish off.
  • Alternatively, you can run like heck from Benezia and try to get some of the Commandos down first. However, this will lead to Benezia following you around, turning the fight into quite a chaotic chase through the corridor. This tactic can work, but if you're ready to hit Benezia hard and fast the instant she finishes her speech, you have better odds.
  • Benezia is invincible until after the cutscene that removes her "power bar" in the lower right hand corner. Until that bar is removed, avoiding her is a great idea. Don't get pinned down either, her Marksman capability recharges a lot faster and if she puts Shepard or teammates into stasis, the battle becomes a nightmare. Use Immunity or some other defensive skill if you have it to take fire and get away from the situation if it comes down to it.
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