May O'Connell is a colonist at Zhu's Hope, on Feros.

May O'Connell is in charge of supplying power to the colony after a recent geth attack, but the generator she is working on has failed. If asked, she requests Shepard to find new power cells for the generator. If Shepard offers to acquire some spare power cells from the SSV Normandy, May points out, dryly, that the generator is an old model and the Normandy's power cells are too sophisticated for it.

May O'Connell is, like the rest of the colonists at Zhu's Hope, under the influence of the ancient Thorian. As Shepard has the option of killing or knocking her out like the others, killing her results in the colony failing to secure a power supply if she wasn't given the power cells prior to her behavioral change.

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