Private Menos Avot was a member of Captain Kirrahe's STG unit assigned to Virmire. Along with many other salarian soldiers, Avot was captured while on a reconnaissance mission, and taken to Saren Arterius' research facility to be experimented on.

Commander Shepard finds Avot in a cell near the facility sewer entrance. He speaks very rapidly and insists he needs to get out of his cell. Apparently he has been in it for six days since he was captured, listening to strange whispering voices that have been piped in. When asked about the indoctrination experiments run on him, Avot says he does not know what they were investigating: "the effect of incessant whispering on my shortening temper? Who knows!" The squad members comment that something does not seem right about him.

Shepard has a choice between letting Avot out of his cell or leaving him there. If the Commander lets him out, Avot finally succumbs to the constantly repeated orders he has been given, and attacks. If Shepard does not want to risk releasing him, Avot snaps and screams for Shepard to let him out, then lunges at the cell door, cracking his skull on the glass.

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