Mercenary Adepts are biotics that have joined mercenary bands. Commander Shepard encounters one of them on the moon of Presrop alongside the rest of the band.

Tactics Edit

  • Mercenary Adepts have four bars of shielding, which will regenerate over time. Some of them can also use Barrier to temporarily increase their shielding to six bars. It should be noted that their health won't regenerate, unlike most other mercenaries.
  • They're only armed with pistols and are thus less dangerous at range than other mercenaries. Beware that they will hit you with Warp as soon as they see you, increasing your vulnerability to damage and inflicting moderate DoT that ignores shields. Up close, they will also use Throw to knock you down, letting their allies attack unfettered for several seconds.
  • Damping will disable their biotics, thus making them significantly weaker. When combined with Sabotage, they're left absolutely defenceless because they have no secondary weapons. Other biotic and tech powers will also be helpful.
  • Because they're the only member of the group that uses powers, there is no point in equipping specific anti-biotic items like Shock Absorbers or Radioactive Rounds. Instead, anti-personnel or accuracy-reducing ammo like Incendiary or Cryo will be the best here, while health regenerative upgrades like First Aid Interface or Medical Exoskeleton are a good way to negate Warp DoT.
  • As the group the Mercenary Adept is with is very small, it is more efficient to just use the Mako and blow the band to pieces with a shot from the cannon. The reduced experienced gain is inconsequential given the enemy type.
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