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Mess Sergeant Rupert Gardner is an operative of Lazarus Cell and the cook, as well as all-around handyman, aboard the Normandy SR-2.

Mass Effect 2

Gardner seems to be one of the more self-righteous crew members: in one conversation with Commander Shepard about his thoughts on Cerberus, he says that, "I'm damn proud. Cerberus gets the job done. The Alliance and the Council got their heads buried so deep up their butt-puckers they can’t see squat."

Before joining Cerberus, Gardner used to be a family man, working the element zero rigs along the frontier colonies. Though he was happy, he lost everything to batarian raiders and later joined Cerberus to make a difference. Remarking upon his own skills as a "jack-of-all-trades", Gardner quips that he does everything, including plumbing, that "falls between the cracks". He concedes, though, that he really can’t fight, but is still willing to help in any way possible.

Gardner requests Shepard to buy high quality ingredients for the meals, so that the crew can enjoy a few fine meals to weather the storm; Shepard can buy these in the Zakera Cafe on the Citadel.

If Shepard delays using the Omega 4 Relay to travel to the Collector Base after the crew of the Normandy is abducted by the Collectors, Gardner is processed into an organic material along with the rest of the crew. Alternatively, Gardner can be saved along with Kelly and Doctor Chakwas if the relay is used immediately.

Mass Effect 3

If Gardner doesn't survive the incidents of the Collector attacks in 2185, his name is added to the Normandy's Memorial Wall. If he survived, his current whereabouts are unknown.


  • Throughout the course of the game the two crew members sitting at the table near Gardner often comment on his cooking, usually in negative ways. If you decide to do the assignment he gives you, the crew members will shout to him in a sarcastic manner, telling him he has added more food and less "ass" to his cooking. Kenneth Donnelly and Gabriella Daniels down in Engineering also comment on his new cooking, as does team member Kasumi Goto.