For more specific information on primary missions, see Mass Effect: Andromeda Guide.
MEA Journal - Completed Missions
Missions in Mass Effect: Andromeda are clearly organized into five subfolders in the journal: Priority Ops, Allies and Relationships, Heleus Assignments, Additional Tasks, and Completed Missions.

All missions are placed in Completed Missions after finishing them. If the other subfolders have no more missions available, they are then grayed out and inaccessible unless another mission appears through game progression.

Priority Ops Edit

MEA Journal - Priority Ops
These missions are critical to the Initiative's survival in Heleus.

These are main story missions and are required to complete the game.

Allies and Relationships Edit

MEA Journal - Allies and Relationships
These are missions of personal importance to the Pathfinder and the Tempest's crew.

Loyalty Missions are included in this category.

Heleus Assignments Edit

MEA Journal - Heleus Assignments
Many groups and individuals across the Heleus Cluster have asked for the Pathfinder's help.

These are location-specific missions. Completing these missions will increase the overall viability for applicable planets. These missions are often required to gain the trust of factions native to each planet.

Aya Edit

Elaaden Edit

Eos Edit

H-047c Edit

Havarl Edit

Kadara Edit

Nexus Edit

Tempest Edit

The Movie Night

Voeld Edit

Additional Tasks Edit

MEA Journal - Additional Tasks
These goals may not be essential to the Initiative's survival, but every little bit helps.

These are missions that are not closely related to the overall story arc and are completely optional. The location where the mission starts is in (parentheses).

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