Havarl - Mithrava
Mithrava - meaning "sanctuary" - is a settlement of secluded angaran sages constructed on top of a Remnant tower. It is presently led by First Sage Esmus.

Background Edit

Four families led by three people established Mithrava in an attempt to preserve their core beliefs. Jephro, the Founder believed that strife in the aftermath of the Scourge disrupted angaran remembrance of the past, and led likeminded followers away from the others. Maraan, our Shelter was able to use her Remnant knowledge to find her people a home in the tower. Selav, who Remembers decreed that every 50 years the Mithravans would reach out to Aya to renew their knowledge of the outside.

To the angara at large, Mithrava's inhabitants are considered a superstitious and disinterested lot who deem their own oral histories untainted by modern thought. The angara are generally wary of outsiders, and the sages are even more cautious than their kin. They rarely leave Mithrava, they barely speak in the few instances they need to trade, and those of them who can manipulate Remnant technology enacted security measures to protect their sanctuary. Mithravans who grow dissatisfied with their beliefs are allowed to leave, although reconnecting with loved ones left behind may prove to be difficult due to the self-imposed isolation.

The sages maintain equipment that deal with comparing their archives and genealogies with external records. If deemed similar, the records are accepted into their canon.

Layout Edit

Pathfinder Ryder's method of reaching Mithrava involves a gravity well that transports people into the settlement center. Modern equipment and plants adorn the tower top, in between statues of the founders. There is space for a Forward Station deployment on the west end of the platform.

Mithrava's vantage point affords a bird's eye view of the surrounding area, and it is high enough that manta flocks can be seen there up close.

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Mithrava Data Module Edit

Important Alert

Translated from Shelesh:

This notification terminal has been experiencing occasional issues, namely: sudden memory dumps. Jarvay is due to look into it shortly. In the meantime, try not to tax the system too much.

-First Sage Esmus

Presentation by Yasgar

Translated from Shelesh:

As you all know, Sage Yasgar made a pilgrimage to Aya a year ago to request copies of the repository's most recent archaeological theories and findings. He and his assistants have been cloistered since then and have only just completed their analysis of the material. They have collated the records that are consistent with Mithrava's canon, and have incorporated them into our histories. The rest have, of course, been relegated to the archives, where they are available to study.

Sage Yasgar will be presenting the information he's compiled at the end of the week. You may want to refamiliarize yourself with the tales of the Sundering before coming to the forum.

The meeting will be held in the lower archives.

Genealogy Update

Translated from Shelesh:

Our contacts on Aya and Voeld have sent us more information about the extended families and descendants of several of our revered historical figures, including Ishaaf, Beshal and Zorai. I am looking for volunteers to analyze the data to ascertain the possibility of soul transfer.

Please let me know as soon as you can.

First Sage Esmus

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