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Disambiguous This article is about Mods and their functions in Mass Effect: Andromeda. For the semi-permanent customization components in Mass Effect: Andromeda, see Augmentations. For weapon upgrades in Mass Effect, see Weapon Upgrades. For weapon mods and their functions in Mass Effect 3, see Weapon Mods.

Mods are weapon customization upgrades in Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Andromeda Initiative equipment is designed to be modular and adaptable to any situation. Weapons and armor, in particular, are built with the understanding that they will be customized multiple times in the field over their operational lifetime.

Gun modifications can be purchased from appropriate locations, or recovered in the field. Each weapon's targeting computer also contains an adaptive integration VI that analyzes a mod on installation, adjusts the weapon's balance, heat sink requirements, and ammunition block accordingly, and sends a list of any additional components to the user's omni-tool for minifacturing. The process typically takes only a few minutes.


Mods are used to enhance the performance of guns in Mass Effect: Andromeda. Mods can only be added/changed/removed from a gun-type weapon using a Loadout terminal.

Each Mod counts as one item towards the Inventory item limit.


Mods can be found during combat, exploration, and/or purchased from certain merchants. Mods are unable to be researched.

The best merchant to purchase Mods from is the Mods Merchant in the Kadara Market on Kadara.


MEA Mod Slot
  • Each gun has two circular-shaped Mod Slots that are used to apply Mods to the gun.
  • Melee Weapons have no Mod Slots and are unable to use Mods.
  • Each Mod comes in three different versions: 1 basic and 2 enhanced versions.
    • The basic version of a Mod increases positive stat benefits.
    • Each enhanced version of a Mod has increased positive stat benefits over the basic Mod but also has a negative penalty associated with it.
  • The positive benefits and negative penalties with Mods aren't always reflected in the stats of a weapon. The benefits and penalties still apply though.
  • Mods are available from Rank I - X like weapons and armor in Mass Effect: Andromeda. Mods follow weapons and armor with higher Ranks becoming available as Ryder's level increases.
    • Only Basic Mods are available at Rank I. Enhanced Mods start at Rank II.
  • Only one Mod type per gun is permitted to be applied to the gun.
  • Not all Mods are used by every weapon type. Some weapons are unable to use specific Mods.
  • Each and every Mod changes the look of a weapon in different ways. (Refer to each weapon and applicable Mod type for specific details)
  • Increasing the number of Mod Slots is possible by applying a Mod Slot Extension or a Double Mod Extension augmentation during development.
  • Deconstructing a weapon with Mods applied to the weapon returns the Mods to Ryder.
  • Deconstructing a Mod destroys the Mod and no resources are returned to Ryder. Ryder can sell unwanted Mods for credits.

Mod Types[]

There are 9 Mod Types available for guns in Mass Effect: Andromeda. No weapon type can use all 9 Mod types.

  • A check mark (✓) in a Mod Types column implies that the Mod can be used by that weapon type.
  • Any Mod with a check mark that has an asterisk (✓*) has issues or restrictions. (Refer to the specific Mod section in question for details)
Icon Name Rarity Pistols Assault
Shotguns Sniper
MEA Barrel Mod
Barrel Mod Rare Enhances a weapon's barrel, creating greater gunfire velocity and impact.
MEA Choke Mod
Choke Mod Common ✓* Adjustable servo motors tighten or loosen pellet spread for maximum accuracy.
MEA Clip Mod
Clip Mod Uncommon ✓* ✓* Adds sockets to increase thermal clip capacity, increasing number of spare shots.
MEA Magazine Mod
Magazine Mod Uncommon Increases magazine capacity, allowing more shots before reloading.
MEA Materials Mod
Materials Mod Common Superior lightweight alloys replace weapon parts, making the weapon less obtrusive and easier to handle.
MEA Melee Mod
Melee Mod Common Integrated VI improves synergy between melee weapon and firearm computer systems, allowing increased melee damage.
MEA Receiver Mod
Receiver Mod Uncommon ✓* ✓* ✓* ✓* Capacitor boosts kinetic coil generators, increasing shot penetration through solid objects.
MEA Scope Mod
Scope Mod Common ✓* ✓* Simple optical scope to enhance stability while zoomed. Also increases accuracy while moving.
MEA Stock Mod
Stock Mod Common Distributes recoil with sliding system of counterweights compatible with kinetic coil generators. Reduces weapon kickback.

Pistol Mods[]

MEA Pistol Mods

Pistols in Mass Effect: Andromeda are able to use 5 of the 9 Mod Types.

Pistol Barrels[]

Pistol Magazines[]

Pistol Melees[]

Pistol Receivers[]

Pistol Scopes[]

Assault Rifle Mods[]

MEA Assault Rifle Mods

Assault Rifles in Mass Effect: Andromeda are able to use 5 of the 9 Mod Types.

Assault Rifle Barrels[]

Assault Rifle Magazines[]

Assault Rifle Receivers[]

Assault Rifle Scopes[]

Assault Rifle Stocks[]

Shotgun Mods[]

MEA Shotgun Mods

Shotguns in Mass Effect: Andromeda are able to use 5 of the 9 Mod Types.

Shotgun Barrels[]

Shotgun Chokes[]

Shotgun Clips[]

Shotgun Melees[]

Shotgun Receivers[]

Sniper Rifle Mods[]

MEA Sniper Rifle Mods

Sniper Rifles in Mass Effect: Andromeda are able to use 5 of the 9 Mod Types.

Sniper Rifle Barrels[]

Sniper Rifle Clips[]

Sniper Rifle Materials[]

Sniper Rifle Receivers[]

Sniper Rifle Scopes[]