On occasion when Morinth is in the squad, she will engage in conversations unique to her.

Unique Dialogue Edit

  • If Morinth is brought along to confront the Shadow Broker, he will express surprise that Liara has brought along "the justicar", given her "changed agenda". This seems to suggest that, while he has noticed the difference in her behavior, even the Shadow Broker is unaware that Morinth has assumed her mother's identity.

Talk to Squad Mate Edit

  • Tuchanka: At the first examination table in the medlab, Morinth will say that she loves krogan because they are passionate and violent, but that they burn out quickly. If Grunt is present, he calls her an asari slut and she retorts that she loves when he's angry. If Mordin is present, he will make a comment about high krogan birthrates resulting in less emphasis on each individual, to which Morinth responds with a bored sounding "Inspiring." This is the only instance where Morinth speaks in her real voice in the presence of other squad members.

Spontaneous Edit

Sometimes Morinth will say something spontaneously, without being prompted.

  • When using Dominate she sometimes tells the enemies to "Behold the power of the Ardat-Yakshi."