Morl is a salarian member of the Eclipse mercenary band. His team captures a Cerberus operative carrying top-secret information regarding Cerberus's involvement in rachni experiments. Morl and his team attempt to extract the cipher for decoding the encrypted data through the operative's interrogation, but ends up killing him.

Commander Shepard can encounter him while launching a rescue for the Cerberus operative. Morl is killed in the resulting firefight.

Capabilities Edit


Morl wields the M-9 Tempest, which is surprisingly accurate and will quickly destroy Shepard's shields, even on lower difficulties. He can also use Incinerate and deploy Combat Drones.


Morl has strong shielding (due to possessing the Tech Armor power) and armor, but moderate health.

Tactics Edit

  • Morl isn't as difficult to defeat as several other enemies with this many layers of defenses. Using Overload to take down his shields, followed by Incinerate or Warp to take down his armor, then finish with gunfire, will take him down quickly.
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