Morlan is a salarian merchant who runs a "famous shop" in the Lower Markets of the Citadel Wards. He sells basic supplies and non-human armor; his most notable product is the Geth Armory license.

Mass Effect Edit

When Commander Shepard hears Dr. Michel is being blackmailed, the Commander can help by delivering medical supplies to Morlan in order to uncover the blackmailer. Morlan gets flustered that Dr. Michel is not the courier, until the blackmailer, a krogan, arrives and snarls "I told Banes you'd screw this up." Once the krogan has been taken care of, Morlan claims to know nothing about Armistan Banes; his only contact was the krogan.

Mass Effect 2 Edit

In 2185, Shepard will eventually receive a message from Morlan, entitled "YOUR 2 SMALL!"

From: Morlan

"I am sorry, my mate, I leave you for a krogan because you are not endowed as good for your species!"

Do you fear those words? Morlan's famous shop sells many enhancements online that are not restricted by Citadel trading regulations! Whether you require hormone augmentation, cybernetic enhancement, or genebiotic xenografting, Morlan has many things you will be pleased with!

All species and gender order online from Morlan's famous extranet site, hotlinked from this message!

(Product availability varies by local trade regulations, all element zero products require shipping surcharge, no shipping to Omega, krogan reproductive organs not available, other restrictions may apply.)

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