Location: Milky WayThe Phoenix MassingTyphon System Third planet

Prerequisite: Overlord (Mass Effect 2)

Description Edit

Moros is a small rock planet with a thin nitrogen and carbon monoxide atmosphere. Each city-state of Aite claims the rights to exploit the planet for its heavy metal deposits; individual city-state governments maintain three small habitats on Moros, as far away from one another as possible. Nevertheless, the planet's wars have extended here, and the habitats infrequently send commando teams to assault each other in small-unit actions.

TRAVEL ADVISORY: The inhabitants of Moros have set large numbers of antipersonnel and antivehicular mines at common choke points across the planet. Records of the mines' locations are extremely unreliable. Civilian travel is not advised.

Mineral Deposits Edit

Initial Scanner Result: Rich

Mineral Amount Approximate Value
Palladium High 12,300
Platinum Medium 9,000
Iridium Medium 8,600
Element Zero Low 3,900

Trivia Edit

  • Moros may be named after Moros, who is the personification of impending doom in Greek mythology.
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