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With Liam's plans for movie night almost complete, Lexi suggests asari liquor from the Nexus would make the evening better.

Acquisition Edit

After dealing with Khi Tasira and the earlier movie night requests, speak with Lexi T'Perro on the Tempest.

Movie Night plans
To: Ryder
From: Lexi


Liam's Movie Night seems to be catching everyone's interest. Especially Drack and Peebee. They're—well, perhaps we should talk. We might head off a medical emergency before it happens.


Walkthrough Edit

Buy asari liquor on the Nexus Edit

Purchase Akantha from the General Merchant on the Nexus for 10 Credits.

Return the asari liquor to Lexi on the Tempest Edit

Return to the Tempest and hand over the Akantha to Lexi.

After completion of this mission, Movie Night: The Final Piece starts.

Rewards Edit

  • +270 XP (doesn't show on screen)

Trivia Edit

  • If Ryder is engaged in a serious romance, Lexi may mention their chosen partner by name during the cutscene.
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