MEA Journal - Tempest
Liam has a final request before everything is ready for movie night.

Acquisition Edit

Starts automatically after bringing Dr. Lexi T'Perro's akantha to her.

Walkthrough Edit

Talk to Liam on the Tempest Edit

Talk to Liam on the Tempest. He asks Pathfinder Ryder to get hold of a copy of the movie "Last of the Legion".

Locate the movie on Kadara Edit

Purchase a copy of Last of the Legion from the Mods Merchant in Kadara Port for 10 Credits.

Return the Movie to Liam on the Tempest Edit

Return to the Tempest and hand over the movie to Liam.

Call the crew together from the Pathfinder's quarters Edit

Go to the Pathfinder's quarters and call the crew together to enjoy the movie night. Partway through the movie you and Kallo Jath will try to outdo the onscreen turians with live-action sheer overacting, and if you have a romantic partner their head will be resting on your shoulder after a while.

Aftermath Edit

You will receive an email after movie night.

Just a thought!
To: Ryder
From: Lexi

The crew's morale was boosted by movie night, so I thought we could make it a regular thing? I've got vids of some great extranet series, including Blue's Anatomy. Great drama, but enough action to keep Liam happy. Also, dreamy turians with fringe that can't be natural.

Anyway, just a thought.

Rewards Edit

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