MEA Journal - Tempest
Jaal believes he can create a superior audio-visual setup for movie night, with Gil's help and certain angaran components.

Acquisition Edit

Prerequisite: Hunting the Archon

After completing both missions above, speak with Jaal on the Tempest.

A communication concerning movies
To: Ryder
From: Jaal


Liam's talking about a "Movie Night," but when he explained, it sounded... lacking. At least compared to angaran vids.

Perhaps I can add what's missing. Come talk with me.


Walkthrough Edit

The mission objectives are pretty straightforward and self-explanatory.

Obtain components from the Aya Market Edit

Purchase Vid Components from Yevth the General Goods Merchant in Aya on the Docks for 10 Credits.

Return the components to Jaal on the Tempest Edit

Return to the Tempest and hand over the Vid Components to Jaal.

Rewards Edit

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