My Suit and Me is an old quarian lullaby. Tech Specialist Oliver Barthes has been hired to install a recording of this song into ark Keelah Si'yah's quarian cryopods to be played once a century until they arrive in the Andromeda galaxy some 600 years later.

Lyrics Edit

“Sing me to sleep on the starry sea
And I’ll dream through the night of my suit and me

I won’t fear the heat of a desert breeze
Or contaminants high in the jungle trees
Even in space I shall never freeze
Because I’ve got my suit and my suit’s got me

Oh, I love my mother who holds me tight
And I love my father taught me right
Oh, I love my ship sailing strong through the night
And I love the homeworld for which we fight
But what do I love like a lock loves a key?
What holds fast my heart, head, shoulders and knees?
I love my suit and my suit loves me.

When I grow up I shall have a house in the sun
On my true homeworld where the wild rivers run
I’ll plant flowers in soil where now there are none
And there’ll be plenty of room for everyone
But till I see Rannoch with my very own eyes
And kiss the sweet ground where my ancestors lie
We’ll sleep safe as engines as forward we fly
My self and my suit
My suit and I.”

Mass Effect: Annihilation Edit

The song turns out to be a pretext to put a computer worm into Keelah Si'yah's systems. Shortly after Oliver does his job, he is murdered on the walkways of Hephaestus Station by a figure who sings part of the lullaby's lyrics.

Centuries later, during the Fortinbras Plague crisis aboard the ark exacerbated by the malfunctioning of the computer worm, drell detective Anax Therion manages to identify Oliver's killer and the mastermind behind the plague. She witnessed Oliver's death and heard the killer sing, but only made the connection after reviewing her memories and recalling how the voice sounds like the captain herself, Qetsi'Olam vas Keelah Si'yah.

After explaining her motivations to her former lover Senna'Nir vas Keelah Si'yah and Anax, Qetsi tries to make amends by walking to all six environments of the ship to spread the Fortinbras cure to the wakened and infected colonists. Essentially a suicide mission without her suit, Qetsi sings the lullaby until she dies in the volus section.

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